Sunday, 1 October 2017

S+ by ResMed Sleep Monitor*

I love my sleep, I mean I could sleep day and night if I really wanted too. When I was offered the chance to review the latest S+ Sleep Monitor by ResMed, I couldn't turn it away, I was intrigued to see just how well I was actually sleeping at night and if there was anything that the S+ could do to improve it.

The S+ is the world's first contact-less sleep tracker, that helps to analyse your sleep and thus provide any suggestions required to improve it. It is easily linked up to your phone via an app and quickly records the light, noise and temperature conditions in your room, which all add to the tailored feedback for improved sleep.

It has been designed and built by ResMed the global leader in sleep and respiratory medicine for more than 25 years. Making it an advanced piece of technology and surely more reliable than your standard sleep monitoring app/ device.

The S+ carefully detects your upper body movement whilst you sleep. The amount of movement and your breathing patterns it detects allows the S+ to analyse how deeply you are sleeping or whether you have woken up during the night.

I don't know what a perfect nights sleep really is, I suppose it is a solid nights sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and awake, not groggy and more tired than the night before. The S+ rates your sleep between a score of 0 and 100, so the higher the score the better the sleep you have had.

When you set up the S+, which was really quick and easy, you input lots of information about your body type and lifestyle which all goes into the way it analyses your sleep and generates your score. It even had an option where I could tell it that I do sleep with my pet, which is perfect because obviously she can make sounds and move throughout the night and without that option it could skew the results.

On average I was getting between 80-95, which is pretty good actually and I didn't think I slept that well to be honest. The only thing I did find was that for some reason on the weekends when I tried to use the S+ the app seemed to not work and turned off after about an hour or two.

I also think because my score fairly high regularly my S+ Mentor only seemed to give me Sleep Facts, rather than advice Still pretty fun though.

There is a really cool feature on the app too, called Mind Clear that allows you to type or record your thoughts/ worries in an attempt to get them off your mind and allow you to sleep more peacefully.

The S+ does come at a hefty cost with a R.R.P of £129.95. You can purchase yours from John Lewis, I do really like the device and do think it has helped me to make a continuous effort to sleep better and get up on time too.

The only down side for me is the smart alarm, there is no snooze button. For someone like me I struggle to get up straight away especially with the way the alarm works. It works by assessing your sleep, so if you're in a deep sleep it will wake you up at your inserted time. If you're in a light sleep it will gently wake you between the time you set and a set time beforehand.

My overall thoughts are that it is genuinely worth it, and I really like the design. It is sleek and modern, which can fit in just about any room.

* I received this S+ Sleep Monitor from ResMed for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

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