Friday, 10 November 2017

Thing's I am Tired of Hearing as a 27 Something Singleton!

I am nearing 28 now and swear I am jinxed when it comes to men, you often find yourself questioning yourself and whether it is something you're doing or whether you're that much of a bad horrible person?? Answer is NO, they're just Jerks! 

That being said I am sick and tired of comments from people around me, yes I know they may mean well but seriously do you not think I am tired of hearing it all and it loses it's meaning after a while..

Here's the best one!

"Someone will come along when you least expect it"
I live like a hermit! I am not joking I like my own time and I like doing my own things, I have to force myself to socialise. Even if I wanted to go out I have no one to actually go out with, what am I supposed to do. Go and sit at a bar by myself? Yep good one!!! Also the people saying this are constantly moaning that they want to "set" me up... sorry is that not defeating the object of that statement?? 

I have been waiting for almost 28 years now, I have resided myself to that fact it just isn't going to happen!!! I also want to point out that this statement makes you feel even more lonely and stupid, like have I been unknowingly looking?? Should I look or should I shut off??

"Why are you single?"

This one always makes me laugh. I have often been asked by new work colleagues (bearing in mind I work with men), "Why are you single? It's not like you're ugly", hmmm well I don't bloody know.. "You have a lot going for you, you're quirky". Well obviously not, because I wouldn't be single would I???? 

I am single I suppose because I am not going to put up with being treated like SHIT and being used. The last few guys that I have actually liked seemed to just not be interested in me in the slightest, so what am I supposed to do about that.. If they can't see me as fun like other guys can, then their loss at the end of the day, bub bye!

"You've got plenty of time"

Do I?? I don't think so.. I am sorry but I don't want to be a 40 year old or older mum! If that is even in the cards for me. I am tired of women looking at me like a complete twat when I discuss things and am being deadly serious about the fact that I do not think that my time will come to get married or have kids. They think I am about 20 years old and are stunned when they realise I am actually nearing 28.. owh yeah actually I do know what I am talking about love. 

I have also been compared to people I don't even know, that are apparently doing the same thing as me...

"They only pick people that want to FUCK them around and the ones that actually like them, they find something wrong with them"

Yep that's exactly what I do, I go out and ask guys if they are arseholes, abusers or psychos and if they tick any of those boxes then I go out with them no questions asked... If they are a nice guy then I will definitely find something wrong with them and write them off straight away. You've got me sussed! 

Don't consider the fact, that sometimes when two people that do genuinely get along may just not click romantically. Doesn't mean for one minute that I have found something wrong with them, but I shouldn't try to force something that just isn't there. 

As for the dickheads I come across, I can't help that the majority of guys I date are that way inclined. Even guys I have thought were friends or acquaintances that are/ were in relationships have turned out to be twats because they have in some way let me know they have feelings for me. That is just not on and to put me in that situation is just not fair, I do not want to know! Then meaning I have lost that friendship. 

I am just at the point where I am done with listening to advice from people that do not understand what I have been through and what I am going through. If I want to be with someone I will let them know, if I want to be set up I will let you know. For now I am tired and done with being mugged off quite simply. If you want to take your love life into your own hands then get out there, try speed dating or you could check out online dating such as We Love Dates.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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