Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

When I started Christmas shopping I didn't quite know what to get the Men in my life, as I am sure most of us Women do. If they aren't your better half then generally you don't really know what on earth to get them! So when I did start shopping for all my gifts I ended up mostly shopping at Lisa Angel!!! I just love it in there and they do free delivery with no minimum order, what's better than that. 

First up is the standard Eau de Parfum gift.. I recently did a review on Monsoon's Rose Gold and Accessorizes' Lovelily Fragrance, so these are fairly staple gifts for the lucky ladies in your life. 

Any Make-up junkie or girly girl will appreciate a decent palette. It can be a good all round everyday palette with a mix of eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer and highlighter or just a standard eyeshadow palette. Just go all out and get a decent brand such as Tarte or Too Faced. You could even pair it with the same brands lippy, just for them to complete the look.

Everyone loves cute things, and these ring dishes from Lisa Angel are the prettiest! They range from £4 - £8 which in mind mind is pretty damn good.

Lisa Angel also offer a variety of jewelry gifts for everyone, this leather bangle is a solid choice for most men. It can go with anything and can be easily hidden if they so choose to. If you really wanted to go above and beyond you can get it personalised too.

I struggled to decide what to get teenage lads, so opted for some pretty sturdy earphones. They are water-resistant, perfect for sports and stylish too. I have never had a complaint for these gifts, so hopefully I am doing something right....

Gardeners will love this shabby chic picture frame bird feeder, it is such a unique gift and will certainly get tongues wagging. Yet another from Lisa Angel, I'm telling you it's an amazing site!

One for the unusual and you'll have to decide if they are the right kind of person for the game, is Cards Against Humanity. I absolutely love this game and find it hilarious if you can be as brutal as possible. You just have to be with the right people, but then you shouldn't be playing with anyone that is easily offended!

Hopefully you all have a wonderful Christmas and don't leave you shopping till the 24th!!!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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