Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Little Box November 2017 Sunday Edition

I have always been a lover of My Little Box and have stayed with them even when they have let us down with less than good service. I was pretty happy as usual when this months box came through the post, only to open it up and find a note to say that this will be the last box in the UK!

I am sure I am not alone when I say I am not happy! Especially when their reason is to focus on their Gambettes Box, I am sorry but a box of tights is not a replacement for this subscription! I will now be on the hunt for a suitable replacement.

So what did we get in the last box...

Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colour Blush, I was pretty surprised with how pigmented this blusher was and how easy it was to blend out. The colour is a very pretty shade for many skin-tones, so it was a pretty good choice for My Little Box. I couldn't find much on Make Up For Ever's site as to whether they were cruelty free or gluten free, so best to say no.. they did say they go green where they can though and believe everyone is an artist.

Cica Repair Balm by Mixa, R.R.P £5.99. I have tried Mixa's body products before and found them to be pretty effective so was quite intrigued to try out this repair balm for dryer skin areas. Enriched with panthenol this cream is meant to gently restore moisture to the most sensitive and dry areas on your face, body and hands. After just one use I found that my knees and elbows felt softer and my eye which had been very dry was less sore.

My Little Beauty Face Mask Powder, this is a very weird product. I was expecting an exfoliation face powder but when I mixed the powder with water got a weird jelly like formula. I massaged it onto my skin as instructed and left it to dry for 8 mins, it tightened my skin up and left it feeling soft and clearer.

Microfiber Turban, well there's not really much I can say about this is there... it's a hair towel at the end of the day. You use it to keep your wet hair out of your face after you have washed it, I never really use them and don't understand how you can apply make-up with them on without getting a ring around your face or the towel constantly falling off. It's just a little luxury item that the majority of us never or rarely use.

Cookie Stamp Kit, now these are coo. I rarely do baking, however I do like to do a little crafting especially around Christmas time. I decided to do my Christmas tags again this year and was happy to be able to put everyone's name on them using these stamps.

I am sad to say Goodbye to My Little Box, but here's hoping I can find a replacement.... If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.



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