Monday, 4 December 2017

Nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018!!!!!!!

I cannot believe I have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018, it was such an unexpected surprise and I am truly honored. 

I have been writing seriously now for over 2 years, all thanks to the amazing Christie, from Christie's Lifestyle. She is one of my oldest friends and I honestly don't know where I would be without her, she showed me that you can really get yourself out there and I started to use the platform as a virtual diary of sorts. I was going through a tough time in my life where I was trying to leave an emotionally abusive partner; I had just moved out from his place and was finding my feet on my own. So this really gave me something to focus on. 

When I finally saw the light and left him for good, I started writing a post about what I had been through and finally after a long time got the courage to post it; which got some really encouraging feedback. I felt it was a great way to show awareness to others that we are not alone and that people around those, in these kind of situations don’t find it just as easy to walk away as you might think.

I am also a Coeliac, having been diagnosed since I was 21 I thought I was fairly well adjusted, however we all have bad days or months. I am currently undergoing some major tests due to major weight loss, sever pain and so on. This is a great chance for me to vent my frustration over my illness/ disease and share my journey with others in the same boat. I know that there aren’t that many of us out there, especially of the young variety.

I do love my beauty products too and focus a lot on that, but have recently been trying to make sure that whatever I use is Gluten Free! Let me tell you it is not easy! I am a major beauty addict, but aren’t the majority of girls.

My blog means the world to me and I have spent the last few years focusing a lot of time and energy to grow all aspects of it, especially my Instagram feed and my Flat lay game!

I hope you like my focus to share my thoughts, frustrations and journey with you all. I do always try to write things as I would say them, which is not always very diplomatically correct but that makes it funny in my eyes. 

So please follow this link and vote for me, I might not be a big time blogger but every little helps :) 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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