Thursday, 4 January 2018

2017 Christmas Haul

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and relaxing break. I am not thrilled to be back at work, however it is good to back into a routine and in the swing of things again.

Like others it is a shame that we have to state that we are by no means bragging about what we received, just simply sharing and hopefully it will give you guys a look into my little world or an idea for a gift for someone else. Also if you have done a post about what you got for Christmas then please do link it below for me to check it out 😁.

Harley certainly had a great time helping out opening up the presents and shredding the remainder of all the paper. She really does have a talent for knowing how to open up the presents without ruining whats inside, crazing really.

As standard Christmas presents go I did receive two pairs of pajamas one having pretty unicorn print and quite a few pairs of fluffy socks. For once I didn't get any smellies, which I was actually thankful for as I was pretty stocked up from last year.

The lifestyle pieces included a unique flip style calendar, cute print cards and a very meaningful daughter mug. Along with some other items such as glasses case, ear muffs and a travel mug.

Harley was spoilt too with some treats and a make your own treats kit, which will require some effort from me. That said I won't mind and the thought behind this was brilliant!

Finally onto the good stuff, Beauty products. Finally I got my hands on the Tarte Limited Edition Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette!!!! Eeeeek!!! It came back onto the site and amazingly one amazing person got it for me, you know who you are, I am so super happy with it. It smells of chocolate and as with all Tarte products is Gluten Free. In addition I also received a back up Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder, a new Real Techniques Buffing shadow brush and a very pretty Butterfly hair clip.

I haven't featured everything in this post as it would get a bit repetitive and silly but I would like to thank each and everyone of you that took the time to think of me and the thought that went into every gift.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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