Thursday, 1 February 2018

January Lookback 2018

This year I plan on doing more and having more to say, so with that in mind, it would only be right  to bring back my Lookbacks! January has certainly been a good start to the year, I have pushed myself to get out of my shell and go to events that have made me meet some new people.


So as you are aware I wanted to start this new year right and meet new people to try to make new friends. That led me to a site called Meetup, where I attended a local meeting at a pub. It was quite nerve wrecking to start with, but once I got chatting to some of the regulars and another newbie I soon relaxed and really enjoyed myself. I even made a friend who I have been in regular contact with and seen for a spot of tea and cake. If you want to know the full details about that night then head over to Making Friends in you Late 20's.

I also gave Speed Dating a try... I know right! You can read about my full experience here, but it was an experience for sure! I am glad I gave it a go, I did get a date out of it and although he didn't turn out to be right for me, it got me to open up to the idea of dating again. Let me know if you want to know how the following Dates went?


I am not going to go into full depth as I plan to do a post o how I really feel about my weight loss soon, but I have had some of my results back now. Although these results are all good in terms of nothing nasty has shown up and it appears that my stomach has repaired nicely since sticking to my Coeliac diet, I am now at the point where there the Doctors have no idea why I have/ am losing the weight.

I have to say that the Doctor I am under is being really helpful and is going to refer me to a dietitian to try to help me manage my diet better in an effort to gain some weight and maintain it. It has been made very aware to me that I will probably not go back to my "normal" weight and will likely remain in this underweight bracket.


As you may be aware I am trying to branch out into Fashion and although I may be a little slow when it comes to posting new content, it will come. I am just finding it hard to rope people into helping me out with the photos, trying to take the photos yourself just doesn't work and quite frankly look awful compared to someone prompting you.

That said I am also trying to engage my followers more with better and more creative photos. Hopefully this months Instagram feed has been a good example of that? I would love to hear your feedback.

As a partial Lifestyle blogger, I am hoping to write more personal content this year. It would be good to know what you guys would like to know/ hear from me? Would you like a Q&A post? Perhaps you could send in some questions for me to answer?

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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