Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dating a Coeliac*

Going on dates can be daunting at the best of times, we have all had good and bad dates I am sure. I know many people that have so many different funny and brilliant stories. Let me tell you, being a Coeliac to boot doesn't make it any easier.

There are many things about me that I try to keep bottled up or just generally dampened until someone is ready to get to know me fully, because I know I can be a little full on and just well odd. One thing I wish I could keep close to my chest until absolutely necessary is being a Coeliac, and to be perfectly honest I shouldn't feel the need to keep it a secret, but I do.

The problem is dating = dinner, which means I have to broach the subject of food and all the jargon that comes along with this disease. God, I hate that word, sounds like I have something awful and infectious.

"You're not on one of those Gluten Diets are you?"

Even though there is more awareness of gluten-free dietary needs, there is still ignorance around the seriousness of Coeliac Disease. There is little to no understanding as to what it is or what it does to us as individuals, I was recently happily shocked when someone at one of my meetup groups spoke to me about it. He was very enthusiastic about the fact that people these days are extremely unwilling to open up their minds to change and even to just ask questions for fear of looking stupid. It is something I come across daily, not just with my Coeliac Disease but with work and so on.

So when you are struggling to even get across what it is you have, when it is fairly easy for someone to search it on the net, you are not really off to a great start are you?

Generally, it would be best to select a restaurant to eat at prior to the date, because I could then call them up and check they cater with no fuss. This doesn't always happen, however, so when you are wandering around looking for a new place to eat only to be hit with obstacles, it can be very off-putting. Places initially saying they cater, but then giving you silly options like rabbit food and expecting you to be grateful. It can make you feel very insecure and come across as if you are difficult, first impressions are everything and if this is what it looks like, then it will look like eating out with you is a chore?

 "Eating out with you is going to be a Chore"

If the date has gone well and you're getting on great, then the end should close with a kiss, right? Have you ever been worried about the fact that the other person has been eating gluten or drinking beer? No? Most people don't, but for me, I have too. If it goes in my mouth and I have the possibility of ingesting it, I could get ill. So how do you ask someone to go wash their mouth out? You just can't can you... it's strange and they would run for the hills.. 'who is this crazy bitch?!?!?'

"You want me to what?? Wash my mouth out?" - Crazy Bitch

It's not all bad though, despite the initial introduction we don't take much work. I will always keep myself fed and try to keep some form of food on me in case there isn't anything about. We get super excited about new food and are experts at reading labels. We are excellent interrogators too. 

But if the date still not going your way and it completely fails, then no fear there is a get out clause. Just head over to the bar and 'Ask for Angela'. It is a new scheme created for people on dates that are feeling uncomfortable or scared, that need a discreet way of letting staff within the bar/ restaurant know. 

We Love Dates have set up a wonderful campaign that has been proven to work, 'Ask for Angela', so if you find yourself on a date from another free dating site or set up from one of your friends or whatever, and it just isn't going well, then go to the bar and 'Ask for Angela'.

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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