Monday, 2 April 2018

March Lookback 2018

March has certainly been filled with lots of ups & downs, the start was such a great beginning for me and I honestly thought it couldn't get any better. I had the feeling like this was really going to be my year, but then it all started to go wrong towards the end... 


Well, I said last year that I would go to the C2C concert whether I went alone or not. Guess what I went and I went twice Friday and Saturday. It was such an awesome experience and one I will certainly do again, just hope that I can manage to go to a more American one next time if that makes sense at all.. it would be pretty damn cool to actually see someone like Florida Georgia Line in the States.

That said the Friday was spent with my Mum and we made a day of it, going down to London in the morning so I could actually go visit the Too Faced Store! I know sad right, but I really don't give a F***. It was so pretty and I was happy to finally be able to try out the Peach Blur compact which I had been debating buying for such a long time. Needless to say, I didn't buy it, if you're wondering, the Peach setting powder is amazing and you literally cannot tell a difference with the peach blur.

The Saturday I met up with a fellow Country lover and we went back down to the O2 and had another night of Country fun. Honestly, I loved it, but god was I shattered after. I think I must have been up to over the two days for about 40 hours, which is pretty unheard of for me, needless to say, I was a moody cow the following Monday at work.


Whilst there hasn't been much in the blogging world for us to actually review, I have managed to collaborate with a couple of brands. Studio 10 contacted me via. Instagram, which for me is pretty big news and means that all the hard work I am putting into my photos and posts is starting to pay off. I have also started to reach out to a few brands and managed to get a collaboration with Lisa Angel, again I am pretty proud of myself for achieving this.

I have also done a few more fashion shots this month with a couple more coming up, so am happy that this is moving along nicely. With that in mind, I have also started to branch more into lifestyle posts which seem to be paying off, as you guys appear to like them much more than the beauty ones I do. So thank you for the continued support on that.


Well here's where things start to go a little awry for me, I have found out that I have Osteopenia. The thing is that having this doesn't actually bother me, the fact that I now have yet another thing wrong with me does. It just seems to be one thing after another, when will things just stop.

The good news, I have had my MRI scan results back and the abnormality in my liver has been ruled out as benign. So that's one less thing to worry about. I have, however, found a lump in one of my breasts. This is likely to be nothing, especially with my age and family history, so being perfectly honest I am not concerned. Yet it is a little daunting that the doctor has referred me straight away and I have an appointment fairly quickly.

Love & Letting Go

Well, I had started to see someone that I had known for a few years, there had always been an unspoken feeling between us. Like we both knew we kind of liked one another and having slept together a few years back we knew that we obviously found each other attractive. Yet we never really did anything about it, just carried on talking on and off.

Well, we decided to see how things would go and give it a try, keeping things on the "down low" whatever that really means?!?!? who knows...

I thought things were going ok, having quite a nice time over a few weeks. He works away a lot and lives a few hours away, which for me works quite well. I mean I quite like my own time and generally don't like to be clung to. But obviously things didn't work out that way and he called it off.

We have stayed friends however which is good, but I am left thinking that I am just not cut out for relationships. I don't think people get my sense of humour or the way I am. I can be very dry or sarcastic. Yes, it can come off as real or childish, but if you don't get it then who's problem is it? Not mine, in my opinion, most of the guys at work and the few friends I do have found it funny.

Sadly this month we had to say goodbye to one of our family pets, she was actually my cat back when I lived at home. My mum took her on when I moved out because I couldn't take her with me, Shannon was a beautiful girl. She had a hard start, having been dumped at an RSPCA rescue center because her previous owners wouldn't and couldn't give her treatment for her cat flu. They basically left her till she was on death's door, so she always had a damaged nose which meant she snotted everywhere. But we gave her a wonderful life and home, and she gave us such a fun-filled characteristic response back.  RIP Shannon.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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