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Moi-Meme Spring 2018 Nature Box

I had been debating and debating for so long as to whether I should take the plunge and try out this subscription box, after all, it is on the high end of the spectrum. At £49.95 every 3 months it seems quite a lot of money, however, if you think about it in the respect that if you had a monthly box at the average cost of £14 (incl. P&P), then really it's not that outrageous. 

Moi-Meme is a quarterly subscription box meaning you get a box every 3 months, in the middle of January, April, July & October. Each box includes a minimum of  5 full sized products valuing a minimum of £75 total, each tailored to you based on a questionnaire you fill out during the subscription process. There's no contract so you can cancel at any time too.

This month's theme was nature and we received a Chilly's Mid-size Bottle, R.R.P £20-25. I am loving the pastel shade. These bottles have been created with the environment in mind to help us with the goal to reuse bottles and stop plastic waste. These are great because they keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours. I am always in need of these sorts of bottles for long days out with the dog, especially when you are worried about it leaking. The vacuum technology in these bottles means that won't happen.

A perfect blogging prop is this Marble Coaster by Blonde & Stone, £25 for 4. whilst this would have been better to have had the set, I was still pretty happy to have received the one. It is a very pretty statement piece that can go with basically any home decor.

Something I don't use often but will make the effort too is a facial mist. This one is Holistica's Crystal Mist, R.R.P £24.50. Each box received various types depending on your skin type, I received the I am Balanced one for combination/ oily skin types. When I first opened the box I thought it was broken because I could hear little chinking noises, but on further inspection, it was actually the smokey quartz crystals loose inside the bottle. This one is infused with Orange Blossom and geranium that work together with the aloe vera to naturally balance and restore your skin's oil levels. This can be used at anytime after cleansing, prior to makeup, after makeup to set and during the day to give you a fresh feeling throughout the day. I mainly use this after cleansing at night and have to say I quite like the feel of it, I can't say I have noticed any difference in my skin's oil levels, however, I haven't broken out so that's a plus.

I love natural skincare, so when I saw this Siskyn Rose and Neroli Day Facial Oil (retails for £42.00) I was pretty happy. This is a 100% organic facial oil, blended from 17 botanical oils including avocado, rosehip, camellia, rose otto and neroli. Each with their own special properties works to boost cell regeneration, increase collagen production, firm the skin and so on. This is more aimed at those with drier skin types and of a more mature age, however, those with oily skin can still reap the benefits too. You just need to use sparingly and just be conscious that a little goes a long way. I am one of the unlucky ones with an oily/ combination skin type, but I have been using this in the evenings with no bad effects. My skin is lovely and soft, dear I say more radiant in the morning.

A beautiful fashion piece we received was this Scarf by MSH which retails for £12.00. There were several styles and colours, and I would have been happy with my chosen style had I not have noticed that one of the feathers was damaged. So I am exchanging it for another colour, The general quality of these scarves seem to be pretty good and I am loving the thin material making them perfect for the spring to summer transition.

With the Moi-Meme box, there is the option to exchange some items within the box. At the back of the magazine they provide, will be a list of the items you can exchange should you not be happy with the choice you were sent. Provided they have the option you want they will exchange it for you, I think that is a pretty good service if you ask me. I am going to be exchanging the scarf for a pink and gold one, mainly because one of the feathers is damaged and I have too many blue scarves.

The final item in the box was a Moi-Meme designed pack of Wild Flower Seeds, perfect for getting your green thumbs out and helping the bees out. There is a mix of poppy, cornflower, corn marigold and corn chamomile seeds in this little pack and I cannot wait to get these planted to see what else sprouts up.

My Verdict

I am absolutely in love with this box!!! I think I have finally found a replacement for My Little Box and believe me that is saying something. This subscription box ticks all the boxes for me as a lifestyle and beauty box, the only downside for me is that they don't seem to do a styled box like My Little Box or Birchbox. The theme has been followed through, which is a must in my eyes and I was also pleased to find a little magazine inside too. I cannot wait to see what they cook up for the next box.

Have you tried out Moi-Meme? What did you think?

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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