Thursday, 10 May 2018

Dating Ideas & Things to Remember*

We all know dating can be hard, especially these days, let's be honest the pickings are slim. The rules have changed and are ridiculous at times, plus they are so hard to follow. The should I text him first, should I leave it a while before I reply.. it's all become a little childish really. Making the whole pretense of dating difficult before it has even begun. 

Let alone the actual date, where do you go, who pays, who drives (if they even can) and what do you wear??? Honestly, it crazes me, where are the days of gentlemen? Gone I tell you! They have disappeared, they died with the generation of my grandfather. 

Meet Up & Talk

Having started dating again myself I can relate to the struggles of trying to think of things to do, but honestly I still stand by the best date is to just meet up and talk. Whether it be in a bar, your home or out for a walk; the point is you just get to know one another and see whether you can actually hold a conversation. 

It is also perfect for those with dogs, you can meet up and go for a dog walk. See how they are with their/ your dog, this really does give you a good insight into their behaviour.

Go to a Fete

How often do you actually go to fetes? I know I don't go to them, so why not make it a date? They can be fun with lots of random attractions on, you can see how each other reacts to the hustle and bustle of people. Plus if there's a ride it can determine what kind of person s/he is, are they the thrill seeker or bag holder? 

Go Outdoors

Do a fun activity such as Go Outdoors, Go Ape or something along those lines. Get out of your comfort zone! You never know you may surprise yourself and actually have fun, or find that your date doesn't have what it takes to come to your rescue. It would be a great way to test each other's boundaries, granted though probably not the best activity for a first date. 

Outside Cinema

Why not go old school and see a movie outside? I have never done it before and would love too, it's a great American tradition. Think Grease and the epic drive through scene, how will they behave? How will you behave 😏? 

Just Remember...

Before we start going on dates or looking into online dating, it is important to remember some important fundamentals. You need to be happy and enjoy being single first, after all, how can you be happy with someone if you can't even enjoy your own company? 

Don't waste your time with those that aren't worth it. If they are a douchebag to start with then they will likely always be that way and why start off something trying to change someone. You wouldn't want to be changed, so don't try changing someone else.

Have fun and don't take things too seriously, make friends along the way. After all lasting relationships are founded on good friendships and the dream guy or girl should be your best friend, shouldn't they? 

When you are ready to start dating, however, it is great to note that there are many local dating sites such as Cardiff Dating, Cardiff Singles, Dating in Cardiff and obviously if this isn't your local area I am sure there is one. 

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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