Friday, 1 June 2018

May Lookback 2018

How the heck is it June already???? I mean seriously where on earth has this month gone? Well, I guess the saying does go, "Time flies when you're having FUN!". 


This Month was mainly taken up with an old school friends Hen Party & Wedding. I was actually very happy to have been invited considering we had not been in touch since Sixth Form, however, I don't mean to brag, but I was the one that got the happy couple together. 

The hen party was a little unorthodox in some respect, during the day we all participated in the Pretty Muddy Race. Which I have to say was awesome! I finally got to run with Christie, and hopefully, help raise some funds for a special cause. Obviously, if you still want to donate then you can head over to this page and sponsor Christie because she is a major boss! Honestly, she is running so many races this year!  

The evening was a little more traditional with a meal and night out. For obvious reasons, I can't really say much more than that, other than Christie was absolutely obsessed with the blowup man.

The wedding reception was held at a beautiful venue, where I managed to get a couple of blog photos. Fellow bloggers will know the need, good lighting with pretty backgrounds = a perfect instagrammable shot. It's not until after that I realised I had a major resting bitch face going on.

I am happy to report that myself & Christie actually had some competition on the Dancefloor for the night and weren't the only ones left standing at the end of the night. I have to say it has got me very excited for her wedding at the end of the year, but I know it has made it all very real and a little scary for her.


This Month has been Coeliac Awareness Month, so I have tried to focus mostly on that. Writing a post at least once a week throughout May, I would like to thank everyone for their support and Casey for joining me on a Q&A. 

Alongside this, I have also decided to start re-booting as many of my old posts as I can. This will entail re-taking photos and re-writing the content I am unhappy with. It may not always be possible to re-do the existing photos, as with time you lose items or just generally use the products up. 

At the end of next Month, I am off to Rome!!!! So expect Junes Lookback to be delayed a few days, but it will have snippets from that gorgeous city so I hope you'll forgive me!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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