Monday, 9 July 2018

June Lookback 2018

Now I know this is a little late, but I did warn you in last months Lookback that it would be. Why? Well, I am just back from Rome and it was fantastic!!!


This month started out a little slow, to be honest, the main emphasis has got to be my Rome trip, but I will get on to that and do separate posts!

I did see Derren Brown this month, and his shows are always amazing to watch, he is captivating and very true with his words. We forget that we are individual, all have our flaws and should embrace them rather than getting bogged down with what we think is perfection. We should try to please our selves and not focus so much on everyone around us, there is nothing wrong with being selfish. We all need it from time to time.

I have also done a few Agility demo days, with a couple more coming up in July. These days are always fun, with such genuine people that really support each other. Harley absolutely loves it, plus its great practice for me and her.


Well, what can I say, Rome was amazing! The whole city is just spectacular and is genuinely one you need to have on your list to see. Not to mention the weather, getting up to 33-degree heat, I was certainly in my element.

I would definitely like to go back because I don't think we got to see everything Rome had to offer. Pompee is a place I would like to visit and I know I didn't get to sample all of the gluten-free food that I heard so much about! Keep an eye out for a few posts where I will be giving you all the details from my Rome trip, including a couple of the outfits I wore.


Romanovs Views really spiked with a lot of PR this month, mainly for Father's Day. I got to work with a few new brands, which is always exciting. One of which is actually a fellow Instagrammer that I had been following and interacting with for a while, so to have been offered the chance to work with her was a real pleasure, check her out - Dayzee.

Alongside the PR posts, I have been able to focus a little more on some Fashion and Lifestyle posts. Hopefully taking Romanovs Views in a direction that many of you will enjoy and will continue to follow. I am always looking for feedback or post ideas, so if you have any please give me a shout.


This is a pretty sensitive subject for me right now. Whilst my body health may be kind of okay and settled, for now, my mental health has taken somewhat of a hit. It is something that has been bubbling for a long time now, which has finally come to the surface, with an outburst to some close family members.

We all struggle from time to time, others more than most and mental health/ depression is something that is still not understood properly. Even I don't understand it and the implications of not talking. That is why I am seeking help and once I know more, have a better handle on it and have started to heal, I think then I will be able to speak about it more openly. For now just be patient, when I have bad days, I am sorry, just know it is not aimed at you. It just is one of those things.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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