Thursday, 12 July 2018

Why I'm Not Worried About Following 'The Norm'

Normal, what is normal anyway? Who or what constitutes normal? I suppose society these days has us thinking that we should be one way, we should have our life set out a certain way. For someone my age, it is not 'normal' for them to be single with no children. Our society has made us into sheep that need to follow certain guidelines, otherwise, we are unhappy...

The thing is the only person that can make you happy or unhappy is yourself. We set out what our life should or shouldn't look like, and whilst I did have a life plan when I was very young, it wasn't a realistic one. It was what society had drilled into me, marriage, house then kids before the age of 30, all whilst trying to build a good career for myself. 

Life works in mysterious ways, yes I am 28 and single, renting a house with a dog. Is it perfect no, but who can actually say that their life is? Who can say that their life is going to plan, just as they wanted? I am guessing not many if anyone. 

I have never been what I would call normal, having a nutty and hyper personality. That being said, I am sure new people that meet me these days would have a different opinion, of shy or anxious, but then that's down to my current mental state. 

There is no point in settling for something that may be right for the time being or is going to give you what you want at that certain time. It's just doing it because you feel you have too, not because you actually want too. Once you've made your bed, you normally have to lay in it, remember that!

We as a population are fairly good at following each other and becoming sheep, jumping on the nearest bandwagon to get the latest craze or be in the with the 'crowd'. I for one am not happy being a sheep, I don't know about you, but that just isn't me. That's not to say that if you genuinely like something you shouldn't go for it, but my issue is about continually following the latest trends or social conducts.

I think right now I have resigned myself to the fact that I am likely to not have kids, possibly not get married and so long as I have Harley, I am ok with that. For me what is important is getting my head sorted out. Finding out who around me is actually a friend and so far I am surprised to find that one person I genuinely thought I could count on, has not been here.

I suppose what I am saying is that no one can define you or what is the 'Norm', you have to find that for yourself. You need to get to where you want to be and be happy doing it, if you're not, then find out why and change it!

Kimono: Select
Jeans: H&M
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Bag: Olympus 
Shirt: Lipsy
Belt: Primark

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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