Saturday, 25 August 2018

An Open Letter to a Lost Friend

To my Lost Chicken Nugget,

Though our times together may have not always been the best, they were memories and treasured nonetheless.

They say time can heal all wounds, yet my sorrow and grief over the loss of our friendship, which to me at times was as close as sisters, is unwavering. Hitting me hard at times when I hear news of good or bad fortune.

Seeing you happy and growing your family is such a wonderful thing, and I honestly couldn't be happier for you. I only wish you all the best.

Yet, if it wasn't for that stupid fight, which could have been resolved long ago, just by talking it out. We may not be here, standing on opposed sides. So I will say it again, I am so sorry for my part in it.
My intentions were always sincere, never to hurt or cause distrust. Had I known how you were feeling I would have spoken to you, but how was I to know when I hadn't changed our dynamic? It was always the three of us, acting a certain way, so how was I to know it had changed and I was doing wrong? All I am asking for is understanding in my part, I am not making excuses at all.

I miss you, your son and us. I know that may sound selfish and I suppose it is, but how else are you supposed to express how you feel about losing a 10+ year friendship.

My life had started to fall apart before that day and has been sinking deeper into a black hole ever since.

I only wish you knew how much I truly love and miss you. How truly loyal I am to you and always will be. That there was something I could do to change things, we have come together before, perhaps we can again.

My Love Always 



Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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