Wednesday, 1 August 2018

July Lookback 2018

What can I say, this month hasn't really been the most eventful. Then again, that's how some month's go. You get a burst of events and then slow nothings.


The first few days were spent in Rome, which was pretty damn epic! I know I am still yet to write a post on the Gluten Free food, but at least I did manage to get most of what I wore there up for you to see. When In Rome, you have to see the main sights such as the Coliseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain and so much more.

My main other events have been going to Harley's agility demonstration days. These have been a lot of fun and they really give me a full day of practice. Aside from the odd day seeing friends and family here and there, I haven't really been up to very much. As I said this month has been a little boring.

Other than the amazing weather we have had! Seriously, can we just take a moment to appreciate that?


So I took the plunge and got my brows Microbladed!!!! Yep, I did it, and I am so so so happy I did! They are the best thing since, well I would say sliced bread, but since I don't really like bread anymore (god damn gluten-free) I will just say since we figured out they are meant to big and bold!

I am getting them topped up this week, so am holding off on the full review until the whole process is complete, but rest assured they are totally worth it!


I have been dealing a little better recently with my mental health, however, have finally come around to the idea of counseling. So will be starting that in August, speaking to someone completely unbiased to me and my situation should be really helpful and insightful. That's what I am hoping anyway, I know it will be an extremely hard process and I will be very worn down through it, but here's hoping I come out stronger on the other side.

I also finally took the time to speak to two people very dear to me, so that they actually understand the extent of my situation. That in itself has taken a weight off of my shoulders and having them there is all I could ever ask for.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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