Monday, 20 August 2018

Meeting an Instagram Idol.. Not all it's Cracked Up To Be!

In the blogging industry you would expect everyone to be friendly, welcoming and generally supportive of one another; well that's what I thought anyway. I guess I was just being naive and living a little dreamland because that is not how my experiences have gone.

The thing is I often read so many Bloggers/ Instagrammers/ Influencers write about how we should all empower each other and show support, never being negative to each other, but they don't seem to do as they preach! If I had someone come up to me at an opening event and tell me how amazing I was, that their feed is inspiring, I would be in awe, to say the least. I would not ignore them, look at them blankly and walk away! 

Not only is it point blank rude, but it says a lot about them as a person! You question how genuine their feed actually is, and others because it is so easy for people to portray such a wonderful kind nature. When in reality you are actually a stuck up bitch, that doesn't have the time for low insignificant bloggers such as myself.

To be perfectly honest, this isn't the only time that myself and a fellow blogger have felt snubbed. Having attended a couple of Norwich Blogger events, meeting a few bloggers you would have thought it would have been nice, however, it was all very clicky!

Much like girls can be I guess, the thing is you then get cast out and uninvited to future events, purely because these people can't be asked to give you the time of day to actually get to know you. They prefer to look down their nose at you like you're some sort of potential threat or funny joke.

It really does make you laugh how high school dramas can replicate themselves in adult life, if only we actually read what we wrote and listened to our own words. Perhaps even had the actions we dish out, performed on us, then we wouldn't be so mindless to others feelings.

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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