Wednesday, 15 August 2018

The Ivy Norwich Brasserie Launch Party*

I was lucky enough to attend a Launch Party for The Ivy Norwich Brasserie, which officially opens on the 21st August 2018. Now I have to admit, I had never heard of the Ivy branches before, after doing some research and getting some very jealous comments from my mother, I couldn't believe I had never heard about them before now!

On entry we were offered a glass of bubbly or freshly squeezed orange juice, seeing as I was driving I had to opt for the later. The staff was extremely accommodating and friendly, I haven't been anywhere in a very long time where the staff has treated you better than The Ivy. 

Throughout the evening we were served a series of canapes, with a variety of options. Unfortunately for me, as a Coeliac, I was limited to three options. Christie, however, delved into the majority of options and seemed to enjoy them all. The couple of bits I was able to have were delicious though, and the Manager took it upon himself to give me his details so that should I wish to come back for a full meal. I could contact him directly and ensure that I would be fully catered for, with plenty of options. 

At first glance, the whole place just oozes elegance with a 1930's/40's vibe, yet with a modern twist somehow. From the matching mustard coloured chairs, marble tables, rose gold elements dotted around to the monkey wallpaper and succulent greenery. Not to mention the amazing artwork covering the walls, which just makes the entire place come together.

I have to say I was pretty obsessed with the wallpaper, combined with the chandeliers, well it would make any place look elegant for sure. Plus I love anything with a vintage vibe about it.

The Ivy Brasseries offer all-day menus which feature some of the best British dishes in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment, the Norwich branch will have a couple of tables held back for walk-ins. Allowing you to pop in on your lunch break or for evening cocktails, either way, you can be in casual or smart wear because this branch is super friendly and welcoming.

Overall, I thought the night was a success and everyone that attended looked very happy to be there. I cannot wait to see what more they have to offer, I will certainly be heading back, even if it's just to see how all the tables look in there. 

* This was a PR event which I attended for free in exchange for a review post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.



  1. Hey, this The Ivy Norwich Brasserie Launch Party looks stunning. At a nearby event space NYC I also attended a chic party and yeah, what a beautiful event it was. The tablescape looked very magical. I had an amazing time and will be booking the same spot for my son’s upcoming birthday bash.

    1. Hey, how did you find it? Does he have any special dietary requirements that you had to get them to cater for? I am glad that you had an awesome time for the chic party. x


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