Saturday, 1 September 2018

August Lookback

Almost can't believe it's that time of the month again and by almost I mean it's becoming more and more apparent that time is just flying by. Seriously how is it September already!

PR Events

This month I and Christie were lucky enough to attend the pre-launch Party for The Ivy Norwich Brasserie! Not only was it a wonderful chance to spend some much needed time with the bestie, but it was a great night experiencing what The Ivy had to offer. 


August was jam-packed with Agility Demo days, which of course Harley was super happy about. I enjoyed them too, but they do take it out of me to be quite honest, she is a handful, to say the least. Having these days really does help her with distraction training too, it is a godsend to realise that she has come such a long way from when we first started. 

Her splint seems to be doing wonders also, so that was a worthy investment that has helped her run fluently without any problems.

Life in General

This has been a pretty trying month in all. From starting counselling to opening up to members of my family and making decisions finally for myself. Decisions such as getting my Septum pierced, which is something that I absolutely love and I feel makes me look better.

I have started to realise that I need to do more things that make me happy, regardless of how it will make anyone else feel. For too long I have spent every moment trying to make everyone else happy, support others and whilst I won't stop doing that, I do need to do more for me!

During my counselling sessions, I have come to realise certain emotions and situations, which I now need to deliberate on. How I act on those will all depend on the process takings action will entail, possibly becoming a very stressful and emotional time.

September should be an adventure, I am sure. With a definite high in there, just you wait and see...

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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