Saturday, 29 September 2018

Love, Life and Sex... It's Complicated*

Love, Life, and Sex can be pretty simple but mixed all together you get a complicated mess. I know for a fact that many people including myself have had a hard time of it with a whole load of situations; not always simply to do with dating. 

So once we have gone through the whole dating process and potentially found someone we want to be with forever, life will change. Even more so if it is your best friend or family member.

Sure we are over the moon for them, they have found the one that has made them feel special and have chosen to settle down with. Inevitably though married life sets in and the dynamics/ priorities will shift, it gets even more strained when your mates spouse makes some sort of move on you.

I suppose it doesn't help these days with our generation and the shift of the moral compass. Marriage and committed relationships don't always mean what they used to, the millennials now don't take it as seriously and find it just as easy to look around or stray.

Just as those don't like to commit, we that get duped into awkward situations find it difficult to know what to do. You would be surprised to know that there are more people put in an awkward situation by a friend or loved one's spouse, where you're stuck wondering what's the best way to deal with it than you would think. Do you confess what happened and potentially risk losing your friendship?

I suppose if you're in a situation where the feelings or emotions are reciprocated then it truly does make for a very complicated mess. How can you tell your loved one that their spouse has feelings for you and you do too? That's going to be one hell of a fallout and to be honest I would totally agree with that! Whatever happened to honesty and loyalty?

But when you have no feelings at all, how do you deal with it? Do you say nothing and hope it doesn't happen again, or do you tell them and hope there isn't a fall out between the two of you? It is very common for people to blame the third party for problems within their own relationship because it is a lot easier than dealing with what's actually going on in their own lives. So I can understand why many people feel afraid to confess what has happened for fear of losing their friend.

I guess I don't understand why people feel the need to not be faithful or lean toward those that are close to their spouse. I mean there are plenty of adult dating sitesnaughty dating sites, no strings dating for those that want it and location dating sites such as cambridgeshire sex and kent sex. Not that I condone straying, but let's be honest these sites aren't just being used by those that are single are they.

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