Tuesday, 11 September 2018

World Suicide Prevention Day

Yep I know I am a day late, World Suicide Prevention Day is actually 10.09.18, but then in true Kim tradition what would be better than being a little late hey!

Mental Health and Suicide Awareness is something that has become very apparent to me, I am very passionate about it and you may call it selfish because of my own personal battles with it, but how else do you get passionate about something? If not by being touched and affected by it so closely that you have to take action?

The thing that gets me is that there shouldn't just be a 'Day' dedicated to one thing, it should be something that is talked about daily, more openly to hopefully get the conversation rolling. Open peoples eyes and minds, to the real impacts we all have on one another. We are the only ones that can help each other out at the end of the day.

Having recently decided to go to counseling and start to talk more openly about my situation and feelings, I am starting to feel a lot better - more like my old self. Obviously, I am under no illusion that it is a long process and that things may not be as smooth as they have been so far, however, with the support of a few good friends and family I think I can do it.

That being said it is still hard to open up nonetheless, I decided to reach out to someone and tell them some of where my head was at. Letting them know that if it wasn't for Harley (my dog) that I would not be here, I have seriously thought this through in therapy and have come to the conclusion that Harley has saved me in more ways than anyone will ever comprehend! The main issue I had was that they seemed to just dismiss my attempt to ask for support through my suicide confession, not acknowledging that I have come extremely close this year to ending my life. That is a serious thing to admit let alone put in writing!

Suicide is a very serious subject and one that can be too easily be dismissed. I am very aware of those that cry wolf, that do genuinely do it for attention and never actually do anything at all. These type of people are not well either, they have to be mentally ill to do such a thing to those around them, let alone make a mockery of such a brave and hard act.

Yep, I called it brave, it is, it isn't something that can be done lightly. More likely than not it took a lot of planning and will hurt, to do that to yourself is not only brave but an extremely hard decision to come too. Once that every person has different reasons for, I honestly don't think anyone can ever truly know what anyone was thinking or feeling to do such a thing if they haven't made any attempt to help them beforehand.

I said it before in Me, Myself & Suicide and I will say it again, No One pays any attention unless you actually cause yourself harm or have actually died by suicide! Simple as that, and that NEEDS to change!

Useful websites and helplines:
  • Mind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393
  • Samaritans offer a listening service which is open 24 hours a day, on 116 123 (UK and ROI - this number is FREE to call and will not appear on your phone bill.)
  • The Mix is a free support service for people under 25. Call 0808 808 4994 or email: help@themix.org.uk
Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.



  1. This must of been a difficult post to write. I agree it shouldn’t be just on one day we raise awareness but all the time!
    I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was very young and depression and anxiety has been an on off battle since. It’s hard when no one understands or takes the time to support you and I think that’s what needs to change. The support and understanding of others may not seem like much but when it’s a bad time that’s help can mean the world to someone who is struggling.
    If you ever want to talk to some I’m here.

    Pinar xo

    1. Thank you lovely, that is exactly the point I am trying to get across and I am so glad it has resonated that to you. People do need to learn to understand it and listen more, that is the main help we need.

      I am always here for anyone too, thank you again for the love and support xx


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