Tuesday, 30 October 2018

A Fairytale Relationship... Just in Time for Christmas?*

Now don't worry I am still single and haven't got any amazing miracle story to tell you about how some magical man or woman has come riding in on their white horse and swept me off my feet, because well that just wouldn't happen, least of all to me. Boohoo sob sob, sympathy train has left the building, no I was initially given a suggestion to write a piece on how finding a new relationship can be truly life-changing. The kind of relationship that as I said at the start, sweeps you off your feet, transports you to a happier zone, an almost tranquil place.

In order to stay true to myself, however, I could not write such a piece, well because I just do not believe in such a thing. Yes, I do believe that some relationships do impact our lives and truly do make them life-changing, some for the greater good and some for the not so good. That doesn't mean to say that you have to go trawling through endless dating sites just to find that special relationship. Who said it had to be a partner, why can't it be a friend or companion? You never know sometimes those are the best kinds of relationships that do often blossom into more.

That being said I know all too well that this time of year does lead us lonely soles wandering how we landed in this position, wishing there was a way to not be so alone for Christmas and New Year. Seeing all the happy couples and families come together, what with all the Christmas parties and events we all have to attend. It's no wonder we start heading to many sites such as guernsey dating sitedating sites in guernsey and senior dating sites.

If that's what you wish to do then do it, don't let anyone stop you, but remember one thing. IT's something I have come to acknowledge more and more over the past few weeks, with weirder and weirder dreams, it's that we are OKAY on our own. We do not need to justify ourselves by conforming to society and having someone else there.

Why not get on that white horse and sweep yourself off your own damn feet, why not be the hero of your own story? Trust me the stronger you are, the brighter you make your own fairytale ending, the more you will shine brightly. The happier you will be and honestly, that will attract more people than you will ever know.

Since I have started to acknowledge this fact, I have noticed so many people recognise me for me, realise my worth. My real strengths. You stop doubting why you are alone, why you are single and embrace it. There is no rhyme or reason, people and the human race these days are just damaged and corrupt, the only way to change that is from within.

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 26 October 2018

The Difference between Wheat Free & Gluten Free

If you're a Coeliac, extremely allergic to or just very sensitive to gluten, then I hate to tell you this but there is a difference between something labeled as WHEAT free and GLUTEN free. Although this may be completely obvious or not applicable to some, it is something that has caught me out in the past.

Now that I am trying to only use gluten-free skin care and beauty products it is something that I am becoming more and more aware of. Even more so when you delve into pet food, I will touch on that a little later. Once my body had repaired itself after my Coeliac diagnosis, I found that I was one of the 'lucky' ones that can tolerate wheat.

This may be extremely confusing to those that are newly diagnosed or just don't fully understand all the gluten talk, but if you're a Coeliac can tolerate wheat and then you can still eat it so long as it is gluten-free. Yes, there is such a thing as Gluten Free Wheat, I know it is all very complicated.

Gluten-free (Codex) wheat starch

Gluten-free (Codex) wheat starch is a specially manufactured wheat starch which is washed so it has a level of gluten within the Codex standard (20 ppm or less). The ingredient was first introduced as a basis for substitute products like flour and bread to improve the quality and texture of the products. It must always appear in an ingredients list if it has been used. - Source Coeliac.org.uk.

So what is the difference between a Wheat-Free lifestyle and a Gluten-Free one? 

Firstly you have to understand that, Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, and spelt. So if the protein element is washed down to a standard of 20ppm (parts per million) or less than it can be considered and labeled gluten-free, for those of us who are coeliacs and alike.

So cutting out wheat grain from your diet does not necessarily mean that you will be cutting out gluten since it is also found in other grains within this family. Living a Wheat-Free life means you are removing all wheat products from your diet, such as breads & flour based foods.

The main things you would avoid are as follows:
  • breadcrumbs, 
  • bulgar wheat, 
  • couscous, 
  • wheat germ,
  • wheat gluten, 
  • wheat malt, 
  • durum wheat, 
  • spelt, 
  • flour, 
  • kamut, 
  • rusk,
  • semolina,
  • triticale,
  • hydrolysed wheat protein, 
  • wheat bran,
  • wheat starch, 
  • whole wheat, 
  • einkorn, emmer, farola, & freekah.
However, the Barley grain which does contain gluten but not wheat can be used as an alternative for those following a wheat-free diet. Other alternatives are:
  • buckwheat,
  • corn,
  • maize,
  • oats,
  • quiona,
  • millet,
  • polenta,
  • sorghum & more.
It should also be noted that those following a wheat-free diet usually only suffer from mild discomfort and frequent trips to the loo if they ingest any unwanted wheat. They tend to not have any long-term damage to their body's, as you do with auto-immune diseases.

"So where did I get caught out? I was at a Sundown festival a few years back. I thought I would get some snacks for the day and came across some cheese bite biscuits in Sainsbury's, just small single packs I think. I saw WHEAT-FREE and grabbed them, you know thinking well, nothing about checking for gluten... Upon eating a couple I started to feel it, the pain and discomfort, the dread and knowing of what was soon to come. I was in shock. I had been so good for about a year or so, so read everything I had eaten that day, to my horror found that these wonderfully tasty Wheat-Free goodies did indeed CONTAIN GLUTEN!!!!! Lesson learned, always read the label... story of our lives really."

Now those following a Gluten-Free diet, have it a lot harder, and yes I am biased here. We have to be vigilant, on guard all the time. Weary of cross-contamination and anyone offering out free samples.

For those of us that have to avoid it due to an auto-immune disease, it is not a choice it is a lifestyle, one that has been chosen for us. It is chosen, by our bodies, it is the only medicine available to us, to keep us fit and healthy. If we don't, our bodies will attack from the inside and we will slowly die, from malnutrition, fertility problems, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, osteoporosis, possibly cancer and so on.

Coeliac UK and other support sites can give you a full list of all the things to avoid, you can also check out my post on being a Coeliac in a World full of Fad Diets.

Those following a gluten-free diet have to avoid anything that contains, may contain or may have even come in contact with gluten. So say goodbye to sharing food, say hello to being rude and asking people if they have washed their hands before they touch any of your condiments. You can always do what I do and pass them some, lightly dropping it in their hand to avoid all contact.

No more buffets, no more unplanned days out because every day is a picnic when you're a coeliac. You can never guarantee that wherever you're going will have food that is suitable for you, so you have to pack your own.

It's not all doom and gloom though, so long as we follow a strict gluten-free diet we stay fit and healthy. Plus with the growing need and want for gluten-free products, the range is pretty good these days and awareness is getting better, albeit slowly.

So to conclude, just because it says WHEAT-FREE does not mean it is GLUTEN-FREE!! Double check and check again, and don't make the mistake I did.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 22 October 2018

Wish Upon A Star | My Mental Health Journey

Recently I had been doing pretty well, feeling a lot happier and more confident in myself. Having no feelings of darkness or many low days, this, in turn, is something to fear, when you start to look and sound more 'normal' people tend to not check up on you anymore.

I know, I know everyone has busy lives and hectic schedules, but you all seem to make time for funerals and wakes etc. Make time to visit graves and say things you wish you could have said. It's just a thought to ponder on.

A recent family drama, where I have once again have had to step up to the mark and take charge of the situation as such, has left me at odds. I never moan or grumble about helping others, I never ask for anything in return; I simply help those that need me. They need me to be strong and level-headed, they need me to sort out communication in another country, so I do it.

This is something that I suspect I will never change about myself, it is just who I am, how I am wired. The thing is, I am always the one to be strong, to hold everyone else up when the world is crashing down around us. Considering I am nearly 29, and I have had this role my entire life, I should be used to it right?

Yet I am left wondering and saddened, for when will anyone hold me up when I fall? Who will be there to pick me up? If I am always the one standing tall for everyone else, being the adult, then what happens when I need someone?

I do Wish Upon A Star, that someday somehow that someone will come along and be there for me, to catch me when I fall. Because I will let you in on a secret, if this carries on too much longer, I will fall, I will break.

Although this is likely never going to happen for me, the one positive I can take from this current experience is that I am now finally recognising my feelings. I am acknowledging the fact that I am not a stone cold rock and sometimes we need to take a step back to say no, I need to look after myself for a while. I will admit, this is not always easy where certain people in my life are concerned because if I didn't do it then no one else would and they would be left with nowhere to turn and I couldn't live with myself if I did that.

I suppose that's where others need to take a look in the mirror and realise what pressure they are putting on my shoulders. Starting to acknowledge my pain and needs is a big step for me, counseling has made me realise that I shut down and cut off from all emotions. Which is a fairly common defense mechanism for those like me, who are used to being let down and haven't ever had a real loving relationship.

So if like me you usually switch off, feel nothing and don't allow yourself to feel any pain. For example, 10 years ago my Grandfather passed and I have never mourned his death because of the reason above where I had to be strong and be there for everyone else. Allow yourself to feel, even if you just acknowledge that you don't feel, that is a step in the right direction. Trust me, you will start to have a happier life and look out for yourself more.

Trousers: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Next
Black Top: H&M

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 15 October 2018

The Too Faced Christmas Collection 2018

Those that know me well or are loyal readers, will know that I am a Too Faced addict. So when the Christmas collection dropped I had to get my hands on most of the collection, to be fair I didn't go too mad and get everything just because I didn't want it all. If it didn't call out to me then what's the point hey? Plus the Gingerbread Lady Lippy wasn't gluten-free so that was a no-go anyway.. boo Too Faced. Just Boo!!!!

The Sweet Smell of Christmas Deluxe Melted Matte Lipstick Set, R.R.P £22.00. I absolutely love the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks, so these had to go straight into my basket, yes these are gluten-free! This set is a mini set of 4 limited edition Christmas scented matte lippies, that all smell amazing!!! They stand true to the melted matte line and stay on all day long, apply like a dream and reapply without looking cakey. If there is one thing you have to get from this year's collection I would have to say it would NEED to be this mini set.

The Peach Tinsel Set, R.R.P £36.00. Now I will be perfectly honest and say now that I haven't actually used this just yet, I swatched the powder but not the lippy because it is actually supposed to be a Birthday present to me from my Nan. (Blogger problems, when you need to take photos). The tinsel powder was so shimmery and once swatched looked gorgeous and understated. That I loved as it wasn't overpowering with glitter if that makes sense? The scent of both the lippy and powder were exactly the same as the rest of the Peaches & Cream range which I adore, so no issue there for me. As far as I am aware the whole Peaches & Cream range is gluten-free.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous the detailing is on these lippies, yes I know I am late to the party here, but come on!!!

The Melted Matte Gingerbread Man Lipstick, R.R.P £19.00.If you followed me last year, then you will know that I already have a Gingerbread Man Melted Matte Lipstick, however, I totally regretted not buying a spare one. So since they released it again, I jumped at the chance and bought it again. This colour is just beautiful and smells so warming, honestly, I can't describe the feeling it gives you. This one is indeed gluten-free, so it was extremely disappointing when they released its sister and I couldn't get it because it wasn't!

Now the one you've all been waiting for, the Exclusive Sold Out, Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette, R.R.P £39.00. This is the only product from the collection that I did buy knowing it wasn't gluten-free, only because it is an eyeshadow palette and as long as I don't decide to apply it on my lips I should be good.

The scent is supposed to be Gingerbread, however, I must admit that myself & several others just don't smell it. It is more a vanilla scent with a spicy undertone, that's the best way to describe it. Don't get me wrong I am in no way disappointed, just thought I would point it out.

I am in love with all the names, they are so festive and fit with each shade. This palette has got to be one of my favourites, and even though Too Faced usually reproduce similar shades over and over again in new palettes; I don't feel like they have done that here.

Each shade is highly pigmented and so easy to blend, this has got to be one of their best. With shades perfect for autmn and winter, whi can complain?

Check out my Youtube channel for swatches and further reviews.

Is there anything you are going to get or have missed out on?

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 12 October 2018

Dating for the Older Generation*

After watching some funny shows recently such as Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father and seeing his Fathers perspective on Jack still being single. It made me wonder how the older generation navigate dating nowadays if they think that we can't seem to find love easily and judge us for not being married by the time we're 29, then how on earth are they going to get on with senior dating sites?

Senior dating is something that we tend not to even think about let alone get involved with. I know I tend not want to know what people like my Nan are up too, not that she would go out dating, in her head she is still married so dating or getting a partner is not something she would do. But that isn't to say that others in her position or slightly younger are in the same mindset.

The one good thing for those that are looking to date of a more mature age is that there are dating sites to specific areas such as jersey dating and strathclyde dating sites and more. I guess it all depends on what it is you're looking for and as to whether you know how to use these sites or the internet at all. I don't mean to be single-minded or out of line here, I am just going off of my own experience, having to keep repeating the same steps over again, teaching my Nan how to use her Ipad is just one of those examples.

Here are some tips I have come up with to help the more mature dater out:
  • Your profile picture speaks a thousand words, believe it or not, we all judge someone by it. So be sure to get some decent photos done and don't over do it with makeup or silly photoshopped selfies. 
  • Write a killer profile, the most decent people out there actually read them. To be honest, be brief and don't go into all the morbid details of your past. 
  • Sometimes you may just become friends, this isn't a bad thing and you shouldn't be put off by it. This generally happens with all ages, though, I suspect it would be more common the older you get, just because we are more mature to actually see what we want and realise that we're more suited as friends. 
  • Always be upfront, this should be a given in any situation really. You're not going to get what you want out of any situation unless you're straight with the person you're dealing with in the first place.
  • Always take time before you answer to someone, never give out personal information such as your income, address or anything like that. Remember that online dating sites are still available to cybercriminals too.
  • When it's time to meet up, always do it somewhere you feel comfortable with. Best places are somewhere that have a lot of people around and usually during the day to start off with. Also, make sure at least one person knows where you're going and who you're meeting. 

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Moi-Meme Autumn 2018 Tranquility Box

This months Moi-Même box has hit all the right notes with me, Tranquility is something I have certainly been craving and need. A spa-like atmosphere created from all the contents in this box is just what I need to help de-stress and help me get rid of this chronic headache which has been lingering for a few weeks now.

As with all subscription boxes, I am always a little worried about food items being sent; I mean being a coeliac can be hard at the best of times. So where Moi-Même gives you the chance to let them know of any extra information they may need to know, such as my gluten-free requirements, it just makes this subscription service one of the best. 

That being said, I do still worry and am always sceptical. So when this months box included Love Cocoa Bar, Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, R.R.P £4. I immediately had to check if it was indeed safe for me to eat, let me just say, as soon as I was the gluten-free symbol on the back, I was so happy! Not only could I enjoy this choccy, which was in my favourite flavour, but it meant that the Moi-Même team did pay extra attention to my profile. 

The chocolate itself was delicious by the way, and you can get a subscription with Love Cocoa so that you can get chocolate through your door every month! Who wouldn't want that!

Something that I always love and is very sensual even if you apply it to yourself is body oil. This Bloomtown Nourishing Body & Bath Oil is a multitasking oil, R.R.P £10.00. In each box we all recieved one of four scents, I was selected The Grove which smells divine of blood orange and pink grapefruit.

These oils are non-greasy and can be used either in the bath or simply straight on the body. Seeing as my cold tap isn't working currently, so a bath is out of the question, I used the oil the best way I know how. All over, before bed and it was really rather soothing. In the morning my skin was left silky soft and completely soaked in, I mean there was no trace of oil left over. Another way this il can be used is to provide extra moisture to the ends of your hair, applying it in the evening a shampooing it off in the morning.

Keeping with the freefrom theme the Bloomtown range has been selected as one of the best skin care ranges for freefrom, they are completely cruelty and vegan free. The only thing is that on their site I could only find they say their products are wheat free, so it is unclear as to whether that is actually gluten-free.

Another product I have actually been craving is a decent hand cream, so finding the Myroo Geranium Hand Treat in the box was actually a real treat, R.R.P £20.00. Myroo is the UK's first totally freefrom skincare brand, which does, in fact, include gluten!

Some may think worrying about gluten in skincare products to be silly, however, especially with hand cream it is especially important. After all, we often put our fingers to out lips etc. and can very easily consume whats on our hands. It sure helps that the hand treat smells amazing, with a blend of avocado butter, grapeseed oil and geranium. After one application my hands felt soothed and so soft, it is just a cream that doesn't soak in straight away.

I cannot sleep without an eye mask, so getting a new silk one that is purple none the less is just perfect! These Stephie Ann Silk Eye Masks retail for £23.00 and three of the selected designs are completely exclusive to Moi-Même. Each mask is handmade by Stephie and her mum, Niki, in West Sussex UK, which is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. I didn't even realise that fact until writing this, and have already used my eye mask, the quality of which is outstanding!

Stephie is a proud member of the Princes Trust as a Young Ambassador and volunteers for the organisation, she is passionate about helping as they helped her get started whilst she herself was overcoming depression. Her work and designs are all so inspiring and unique.

I am such a Woodwick candle snob, and very rarely find others that impress me. The Lola's Apothecary Naturally Fragrant Candle in Delicate Romance certainly had me intrigued and had such a soothing scent that reminded me of a spa room. These retail for £42.00 and are meant to burn for 45 hours, so we will have to see on that one, but having lit it I can say that the scent has lifted the room. I do feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed with the citrus notes of sweet orange and lemon, with rose and geranium and a warming sensation of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. Not forgetting lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile which all give the candle a sweet and spicy feel.

The detailing on the glass too is something to sit and appreciate, I am positive that Moi-Même have peeked in my home, because these colours are perfect for my lounge.

Last but not least we have the Night Navy Leather Bookmark, R.R.P £5.00. To fit in with the tranquility theme, Moi-Même has chosen to include a bookmark with a specially selected quote from the author Thomas Wharton "An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise". Which summed up what they were thinking for us perfectly, that we need to take out some time from our day and drift off into another world by delving into a book.

My Verdict

Well, what can I say, Moi-Même you have done it again! The Autumn Tranquility Box is just perfect, everything fits into the theme without a hitch and provides us with a spa-like experience at home. Even paying special attention to the little details like the gluten free needs, reinforces my trust in your services and my reviews to recommend you. Honestly, I do not know what I was doing before I found Moi-Même, and I cannot wait for the Winter Box and the Exclusive Christmas Box!!!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 8 October 2018

BOROUGH22 Gluten Free, Vegan Doughnuts

When I saw these pop up on my feed I knew I had to have a treat, I mean come on just look at them! Never mind the fact that I haven't had a doughnut-like that for I don't know how many years! 

BOROUGH22 are based in London, stocked daily in various cafes and Selfridges stores. Their full list of stockists can be found here, they also stock in a couple of Selfridges food halls in Birmingham & Manchester.

The great thing I found was that they deliver to anywhere in the UK Mainland, so that is great for me. All their deliveries are made on Fridays, no matter when you order.

I decided to treat myself to the Mini Signature 24 box, which was £28.00 including delivery. The box included a selection of BOROUGH22 signature oven-baked doughnuts rolled in caster sugar and cinnamon, with a mixture of glazed and topped doughnuts. Some of these toppings may include vegan hazelnut and cacao spread, vegan chocolate ganache, cereal crumb and icing sugar. Also, hibsicus and raspberry glazed all with sprinkles of course.    

I was more than happy with the selection I received and was more than a little surprised to find that the cinnamon sugared doughnuts were my favourite, especially considering the fact that I don't normally like cinnamon. The doughnuts themselves tasted just like what I remember doughnuts to taste like, so if you are craving some proper doughnuts then I would certainly head over to BOROUGH22. For the money, I think these are more than worth it!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Match Me Happy.....*

Match Me Happy, now that would be a wonderful thing, wouldn't it. Just go online or walk down the street and suddenly find your perfect match. Sadly, though, that is not how life works, so the saying goes you have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess.

I have tried so many dating sites and having gone through a bad low recently, after attending counseling I have decided to try it out again. Though not quite the same, with all the things I have been pulling up out of my head and reflecting on. It has got me thinking, what if I shouldn't be looking for just men. I will be perfectly honest and say that I have never spoken about this with anyone, out loud, nor have I ever been with a woman, that I can recall.

However, I cannot deny that yes I find some women very attractive, not just in a 'friends' kind of way if that makes any sense. That's not to say that I am calling myself bi-sexual or anything, because, I personally don't know and wouldn't want to put labels on anything. that's not to say I don't believe in labels or what the LGBT community stands for because they have every right to stand tall. I just don't believe I should, until I know what it is I actually want.

I guess a lot of people can/ have felt this way? It isn't something I should be ashamed of, however, it's not something that you can just come out with these days still. Lately, I have just been thinking that perhaps I have been looking in the wrong pool, there are so many people in the world after all and who says that your perfect match has to be the opposite sex? After all, many of the nicest guys I know are gay, so what's to say that one of the women I find attractive or am drawn to isn't going to end up being the one I end up falling for?

After reading up about bi-curiosity and bi-sexuality, it is clear to me that there are many others out there that feel the same. If you think the time is right for you to explore that side of yourself then go for it, if not then do not worry. We all walk at different paces and have different expectations.

For me, I have no idea what I want or how I will go about it. Whether it is something I will continue to think about and window shop or if it is something that I need to pursue so to speak.

Obviously, nothing is for certain, I could completely backtrack, but you can never say never. I guess watch this space and let me know if you have had any similar experiences?

 * This is a sponsored post in collaboration with We Love Dates for free dating sites. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 1 October 2018

September Lookback 2018

God, how the hells is it October??? Points to anyone that knows the reference.. September was one of the best and most stressful months this year so far. I mean planning a secret Hen Party is not as easy as it sounds, making all of the decorations yourself is also a lot of hard work!!!! That being said it was well worth it to see the smile on the Bride to Be's face!

Hen Party

So the Hen Party was a total shock to Christie, who was under the impression that I was taking her to a blog event for the night. Only for her to be taken outside to all of us girls standing outside her house shouting "SURPRISE" with a blowup man and Harry Styles face stuck on.

The whole day had been planned out to be exactly what she would have wanted, so a day out on the broads it was! As I don't like to go simple and much prefer to do things big, we hired the Norfolk Wherry Albion for the day; and let me tell you it was amazing! Not just a normal day trip on a boat, but a real true experience getting to help sail and lift the mast, I even pulled the bat in at the end of the day.

The evening plans where also tailored to Christie, after listening to her a few months ago about how we're too old for nights out and to be quite frank it is pretty boring these days. She would much prefer a night in, I opted for a Slumber Party. Which I held at my home, in order for me to decorate and keep everything completely top secret.

The great thing was that we could do whatever we wanted, with no worry about anyone else. We played traditional Hen Party games, such as junk in the trunk and Pass the Parcel, which had forfeits inside. Ending the evening with a good old-fashioned chick flick, The Old Wives Cub, still can't believe Christie had never seen it! 

One thing I forgot to mention, the whole day Christie had her passport in her bag.. why you ask? Well, the day before the 'Blog Event' I told her that she needed to bring it along. Even throughout the day, I tried to not let on what we were doing later so that it would freak her out a little and just be funny for us lot.

Blog & Instagram

So I know I have been a little slow this month on the Blog, however, the Hen Party did take up a lot of my time. Come on, Bestfriend duties and all. This month I plan on getting back into it and bringing you lots of new content with the Too faced Christmas Collection! 

With my Instagram, if you hadn't noticed I have opened up a new account. I wanted to try something new and see if I can do better with a new fresh start! So if you like what you see then please help support my new journey! @Romanovsviewsblog

Personal Journey

As some of you may know I am going to counseling and looking to try to understand myself more. Trying to open up to others and be more myself, rather than hiding behind this mask I have created to keep myself from harm and let down.

Continuing to write posts to help raise awareness for suicide and mental health is something that has been helping me come to terms with my own journey and state of mind. That being said there are still a lot of feelings and emotions going on that are left unsaid/ unaddressed that I may well come out and write about. Your ongoing readership and support means the world to me and I just hope that I help at least one person know that they're not alone in the mind fuck of a world.

PR Events

Myself & Christie were invited to the grand opening of the Veeno Wine Cafe at the top of the Castle Mall Norwich recently. I will be writing a full review soon, however, I have to say they leave little to be desired and really did not do much to accommodate me as a coeliac.

Trousers: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Next
Black Top: H&M

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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