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Moi-Meme Autumn 2018 Tranquility Box

This months Moi-Même box has hit all the right notes with me, Tranquility is something I have certainly been craving and need. A spa-like atmosphere created from all the contents in this box is just what I need to help de-stress and help me get rid of this chronic headache which has been lingering for a few weeks now.

As with all subscription boxes, I am always a little worried about food items being sent; I mean being a coeliac can be hard at the best of times. So where Moi-Même gives you the chance to let them know of any extra information they may need to know, such as my gluten-free requirements, it just makes this subscription service one of the best. 

That being said, I do still worry and am always sceptical. So when this months box included Love Cocoa Bar, Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate, R.R.P £4. I immediately had to check if it was indeed safe for me to eat, let me just say, as soon as I was the gluten-free symbol on the back, I was so happy! Not only could I enjoy this choccy, which was in my favourite flavour, but it meant that the Moi-Même team did pay extra attention to my profile. 

The chocolate itself was delicious by the way, and you can get a subscription with Love Cocoa so that you can get chocolate through your door every month! Who wouldn't want that!

Something that I always love and is very sensual even if you apply it to yourself is body oil. This Bloomtown Nourishing Body & Bath Oil is a multitasking oil, R.R.P £10.00. In each box we all recieved one of four scents, I was selected The Grove which smells divine of blood orange and pink grapefruit.

These oils are non-greasy and can be used either in the bath or simply straight on the body. Seeing as my cold tap isn't working currently, so a bath is out of the question, I used the oil the best way I know how. All over, before bed and it was really rather soothing. In the morning my skin was left silky soft and completely soaked in, I mean there was no trace of oil left over. Another way this il can be used is to provide extra moisture to the ends of your hair, applying it in the evening a shampooing it off in the morning.

Keeping with the freefrom theme the Bloomtown range has been selected as one of the best skin care ranges for freefrom, they are completely cruelty and vegan free. The only thing is that on their site I could only find they say their products are wheat free, so it is unclear as to whether that is actually gluten-free.

Another product I have actually been craving is a decent hand cream, so finding the Myroo Geranium Hand Treat in the box was actually a real treat, R.R.P £20.00. Myroo is the UK's first totally freefrom skincare brand, which does, in fact, include gluten!

Some may think worrying about gluten in skincare products to be silly, however, especially with hand cream it is especially important. After all, we often put our fingers to out lips etc. and can very easily consume whats on our hands. It sure helps that the hand treat smells amazing, with a blend of avocado butter, grapeseed oil and geranium. After one application my hands felt soothed and so soft, it is just a cream that doesn't soak in straight away.

I cannot sleep without an eye mask, so getting a new silk one that is purple none the less is just perfect! These Stephie Ann Silk Eye Masks retail for £23.00 and three of the selected designs are completely exclusive to Moi-Même. Each mask is handmade by Stephie and her mum, Niki, in West Sussex UK, which is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. I didn't even realise that fact until writing this, and have already used my eye mask, the quality of which is outstanding!

Stephie is a proud member of the Princes Trust as a Young Ambassador and volunteers for the organisation, she is passionate about helping as they helped her get started whilst she herself was overcoming depression. Her work and designs are all so inspiring and unique.

I am such a Woodwick candle snob, and very rarely find others that impress me. The Lola's Apothecary Naturally Fragrant Candle in Delicate Romance certainly had me intrigued and had such a soothing scent that reminded me of a spa room. These retail for £42.00 and are meant to burn for 45 hours, so we will have to see on that one, but having lit it I can say that the scent has lifted the room. I do feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed with the citrus notes of sweet orange and lemon, with rose and geranium and a warming sensation of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. Not forgetting lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile which all give the candle a sweet and spicy feel.

The detailing on the glass too is something to sit and appreciate, I am positive that Moi-Même have peeked in my home, because these colours are perfect for my lounge.

Last but not least we have the Night Navy Leather Bookmark, R.R.P £5.00. To fit in with the tranquility theme, Moi-Même has chosen to include a bookmark with a specially selected quote from the author Thomas Wharton "An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise". Which summed up what they were thinking for us perfectly, that we need to take out some time from our day and drift off into another world by delving into a book.

My Verdict

Well, what can I say, Moi-Même you have done it again! The Autumn Tranquility Box is just perfect, everything fits into the theme without a hitch and provides us with a spa-like experience at home. Even paying special attention to the little details like the gluten free needs, reinforces my trust in your services and my reviews to recommend you. Honestly, I do not know what I was doing before I found Moi-Même, and I cannot wait for the Winter Box and the Exclusive Christmas Box!!!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.



  1. Hello! Thanks for your fab review and glad you enjoyed our Bath & Body Oil - and yes, 100% wheat-free :)

    1. Awesome thank you for your reply and I am glad you liked my review. I did see that it was wheat-free, however that still leaves it unclear as to whether your products are gluten-free?

  2. So glad you're loving the hand treat! We're actually 100% free from all 14 food allergens and we're vegan and cruelty free. Hope that helps xx

    1. Yes your hand treat is amazing! The fact that your products are completely freefrom is awesome and means that coeliacs like me do not have to worry when using your products :)

  3. That's a really interesting box! I totally understand the chocolate situation - I'm always annoyed when I see boxes with food like chocolate and there's always an allergen like gluten, nuts or soy that makes me not able to eat it.

    1. It is an awesome box, so happy I came across it. I am glad I am not the only one then :). Just happy that this time around they actually read my profile and got it right!!


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