Monday, 1 October 2018

September Lookback 2018

God, how the hells is it October??? Points to anyone that knows the reference.. September was one of the best and most stressful months this year so far. I mean planning a secret Hen Party is not as easy as it sounds, making all of the decorations yourself is also a lot of hard work!!!! That being said it was well worth it to see the smile on the Bride to Be's face!

Hen Party

So the Hen Party was a total shock to Christie, who was under the impression that I was taking her to a blog event for the night. Only for her to be taken outside to all of us girls standing outside her house shouting "SURPRISE" with a blowup man and Harry Styles face stuck on.

The whole day had been planned out to be exactly what she would have wanted, so a day out on the broads it was! As I don't like to go simple and much prefer to do things big, we hired the Norfolk Wherry Albion for the day; and let me tell you it was amazing! Not just a normal day trip on a boat, but a real true experience getting to help sail and lift the mast, I even pulled the bat in at the end of the day.

The evening plans where also tailored to Christie, after listening to her a few months ago about how we're too old for nights out and to be quite frank it is pretty boring these days. She would much prefer a night in, I opted for a Slumber Party. Which I held at my home, in order for me to decorate and keep everything completely top secret.

The great thing was that we could do whatever we wanted, with no worry about anyone else. We played traditional Hen Party games, such as junk in the trunk and Pass the Parcel, which had forfeits inside. Ending the evening with a good old-fashioned chick flick, The Old Wives Cub, still can't believe Christie had never seen it! 

One thing I forgot to mention, the whole day Christie had her passport in her bag.. why you ask? Well, the day before the 'Blog Event' I told her that she needed to bring it along. Even throughout the day, I tried to not let on what we were doing later so that it would freak her out a little and just be funny for us lot.

Blog & Instagram

So I know I have been a little slow this month on the Blog, however, the Hen Party did take up a lot of my time. Come on, Bestfriend duties and all. This month I plan on getting back into it and bringing you lots of new content with the Too faced Christmas Collection! 

With my Instagram, if you hadn't noticed I have opened up a new account. I wanted to try something new and see if I can do better with a new fresh start! So if you like what you see then please help support my new journey! @Romanovsviewsblog

Personal Journey

As some of you may know I am going to counseling and looking to try to understand myself more. Trying to open up to others and be more myself, rather than hiding behind this mask I have created to keep myself from harm and let down.

Continuing to write posts to help raise awareness for suicide and mental health is something that has been helping me come to terms with my own journey and state of mind. That being said there are still a lot of feelings and emotions going on that are left unsaid/ unaddressed that I may well come out and write about. Your ongoing readership and support means the world to me and I just hope that I help at least one person know that they're not alone in the mind fuck of a world.

PR Events

Myself & Christie were invited to the grand opening of the Veeno Wine Cafe at the top of the Castle Mall Norwich recently. I will be writing a full review soon, however, I have to say they leave little to be desired and really did not do much to accommodate me as a coeliac.

Trousers: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Next
Black Top: H&M

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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