Monday, 19 November 2018

Focusing On The Positives | My Mental Health Journey

Though I am still struggling and am going through a bit of a tough spell at present, one big thing I have been taught through counseling is self-love and self-care. To focus on the positives and not put yourself down, or look to others lives and think that is how your life should be.

Granted when you're feeling low, going through a patch where you can feel yourself spiraling back into that dark place again. It can be ever so hard to stay positive, to keep going; little things slip up like my housework for instance. It's those little things that are a constant reminder of how those around you don't always seem to realise that though, you may put on a brave face, inside you're struggling to keep going.

With recent events happening in my personal life, where one family member has been taken ill, now needing a heart transplant, however, unfortunately, is in another country. I have once again had to step up and be the strong individual that sorts out how certain members can contact him and so on. Whilst I myself, do not know how I feel about his situation, for one reason or another, I cannot deny that I am sad and have much sorrow in my heart for those that are deeply affected by it all.

I am just brought back to times where I have had to put myself on the back burner and put everyone else's needs before my own, purely because others aren't willing or able to pick up the slack. In no way am I saying that I shouldn't care or stay true to myself and carry on doing what I feel is right, but it would be nice for someone else to take charge. Allowing me to actually feel, grieve and mourn; lean on someone, rather than being the totem pole for everyone else.

On the positive side when you do find support and kindness in the unlikeliest of places it can be both heartwarming and overwhelming. If you are a regular reader, you will know that I take Harley, my dog, training and my trainers have been ever so supportive to me. From just pushing me to keep going and overcome struggles with Harley, to just kind words, they truly are a silver lining in my life.

One thing that was said to me that will forever stay in my heart was -

"You're an amazing girl and you never give up."

They say how proud of me they are when I do what is best for Harley, are so happy that I never ever give up on her despite the trials she puts me through. I am always around to help out at any event I can attend, and having that level of support is truly special to me. 

Finding new friends, that have shown me kindness and reliability has been a real learning curve for me too. Having so many trust issues in that department, having people there that I can truly count on is a big step to trusting again. Not only that but to have people willing to do that, that have just known me for a short while, must say something about me as an individual. Something, I have to work on is being more positive about myself and not talk down to myself. 

You have to remember that you are, 

"Kind, Caring, Trusting, Worth it, Strong and Brave"

It's always about finding the little things, no matter how small that make your days that little bit brighter. No matter how low I get I know that I can switch on my phone and spy on my dog at home, that always makes me feel safe and happy. I also know that no matter what I can call my bestie and she will be there no matter what, no matter how small my slump may be she will help me see the light. 

Having true friends and support are key and recognising that is a huge step to getting better too. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 2 November 2018

Wedding Day Misfortune, Camera Mishap*

With my Bestfriend getting married in just under a month.. god that is scary to say and having seen so many weddings pop up on my timeline recently it got me thinking back to my Mum's wedding last year.

Photo Credit - Costessey Cakes

Whilst we didn't attend the actual wedding itself, let's be honest I couldn't exactly afford a trip to Bora Bora for the vows and neither could anyone else, so it was a nice ceremony for the two of them. Instead, they decided to get everyone together when they returned and make a day of it with photos, food and of course the traditional evening do.

As with all wedding events, there were wedding favours and flowers for each table and disposable cameras for everyone to join in and take snaps of the evening. Which should have given the Bride & Groom a whole load of extra photos to remind them of their night and even give them insight into what their guests got up to.

After all, the Bride can't be in all places at once and it is nice to know that your guests are still having a great time even if you can't stay and chat to everyone all night. PLus you want to have candid shots, especially with you in them. Those are the best, the ones where you have no idea someone is taking a photo of you and you're just being yourself, having fun.

Unfortunately, when my Mum got these cameras developed she never expected that she would get back reams of black spotty images, just smudges, and blurs. Obviously, to anyone hosting such an event this would be such a disappointment and upset, you spend your hard earned money and try to save money on your wedding where you can but where pictures are concerned that's where you never go cheap.

That's not to say that these cameras were cheap, but they weren't top of the range either. If you ever plan on using anything like these type of cameras at your wedding or big party event. All I can suggest is to try them out beforehand, in different lighting situation and see what you get. If they come out crude, get your money back!

I love the idea of taking away your own photo from the night too, like those from the photo booth type of thing. I don't know if it's possible but maybe renting some polaroid camera's for the evening? Such as Instax mini, those would be pretty fun. Something you could put in a scrapbook. One for you and one for the guest. Then again I don't know if it would work out cheaper than renting a booth or not, there are plenty of wedding favour ideas under £1 that guests can take away to remember the night they have had.

Have you had any mishaps that you would like to share? Help out some future bride/ grooms from making the same mistakes?

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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