Friday, 2 November 2018

Wedding Day Misfortune, Camera Mishap*

With my Bestfriend getting married in just under a month.. god that is scary to say and having seen so many weddings pop up on my timeline recently it got me thinking back to my Mum's wedding last year.

Photo Credit - Costessey Cakes

Whilst we didn't attend the actual wedding itself, let's be honest I couldn't exactly afford a trip to Bora Bora for the vows and neither could anyone else, so it was a nice ceremony for the two of them. Instead, they decided to get everyone together when they returned and make a day of it with photos, food and of course the traditional evening do.

As with all wedding events, there were wedding favours and flowers for each table and disposable cameras for everyone to join in and take snaps of the evening. Which should have given the Bride & Groom a whole load of extra photos to remind them of their night and even give them insight into what their guests got up to.

After all, the Bride can't be in all places at once and it is nice to know that your guests are still having a great time even if you can't stay and chat to everyone all night. PLus you want to have candid shots, especially with you in them. Those are the best, the ones where you have no idea someone is taking a photo of you and you're just being yourself, having fun.

Unfortunately, when my Mum got these cameras developed she never expected that she would get back reams of black spotty images, just smudges, and blurs. Obviously, to anyone hosting such an event this would be such a disappointment and upset, you spend your hard earned money and try to save money on your wedding where you can but where pictures are concerned that's where you never go cheap.

That's not to say that these cameras were cheap, but they weren't top of the range either. If you ever plan on using anything like these type of cameras at your wedding or big party event. All I can suggest is to try them out beforehand, in different lighting situation and see what you get. If they come out crude, get your money back!

I love the idea of taking away your own photo from the night too, like those from the photo booth type of thing. I don't know if it's possible but maybe renting some polaroid camera's for the evening? Such as Instax mini, those would be pretty fun. Something you could put in a scrapbook. One for you and one for the guest. Then again I don't know if it would work out cheaper than renting a booth or not, there are plenty of wedding favour ideas under £1 that guests can take away to remember the night they have had.

Have you had any mishaps that you would like to share? Help out some future bride/ grooms from making the same mistakes?

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