Friday, 14 December 2018

30 Before 30!!!!!!!

I contemplated whether or not to do a list of things to do before turning 30.. but then thought what the heck... why not give it a go! You only live once and hopefully, things are looking up for me so... Reading through many other peoples lists, I actually found that I have done a lot of things already! So I will have to do a post on that I think, for example, lived in another country or I have several tattoos and a dog. Hence, why I struggled with creating this list. So Happy 29th To ME!!!!

1. Visit Amsterdam.. 
I have always wanted to go.. my brother has said he would take me along for the ride many times but has failed to do so. Yet I know I will make the journey one way or another!

2. Go to Nashville! I love country music and going to the heart of it all would be incredible! Perhaps I could brush up on my line dancing skills before I go and then I won't look so silly if I try to join in in the clubs.

3. Write in a Journal for me. 
This one I have stop and started over the years, but it would be good to actually stick to it. I have always written it for someone else, having been in controlling relationships, I always felt as if I had to write in such a way that if they ever read it, that it would please them. Sad I know but true all the same.

4. Go for a Long Hike. One where I let Harley take me, she can guide the way and decide what directions we take. I have always wanted to let her guide me somewhere and see where we end up, so going somewhere unknown, in an open vast area would be great.

5. Gather my Gang and relive our youth. Spend a day going rollerskating or swimming, just being hooligans like we were back in high school.

6. Be better with Money. I have always been bad with my money. Never sticking to a solid budget and splurging all the time. Getting debts in order would be fantastic!

7. Go on a road trip, with Harley! Taking Harley away on a road trip around Europe, visiting amazing places and sites has always been a dream of mine. Seeing landscapes and finding the unknown via. walks and adventures are the way to go for me, plus Harley would love it!

8. Learn to cook more. I can cook don't get me wrong, but being able to cook more than the basic roast dinners and shepherds pie etc. would be good.

9. Travel with my Bestfriend? Not sure how viable this one is anymore.. Did have a plan to go to Disneyland Paris. Though, the bestie is pregnant now, so we shall have to see :P.

10. Get my fortune read. Never actually had this done before so would be kind of interesting.

11. Do something that scares me? I don't know much that scares me... this will be a tough one.. any suggestions?

12. Quit Smoking! 

13. Splurge on something that will last for years... though I cannot technically afford.. Who's thinking Mulberry Bag??? Just me? I could start saving now.. putting some money aside each month until I have enough.

14. Pay it Forward. On the odd occasion, I have had someone help me out where I haven't asked for it,. I will continue the chain of positive events by helping others out. For instance, I found someone's phone and got it back to them, refusing any reward.

15. Be Someone Else.. Let go and be someone else for a night, be wild! Do something outrageous!


16. Try to learn something about Politics. I hate watching News, I hate anything to do with politics.. It drives me insane and it's all just depressing to be quite frank. That being said, being nearly 30, I should really learn about it. 

17. Get to know your Family History. This would be quite interesting considering I am dual National.. 

18. Learn Something New. Like Self-Defence or something, I rely too much on Harley being the one to defend me when we're out on our walks. 

19. Get My Harley Tattoo! I keep banging on about getting another tattoo, one that represents me & Harley. With her pawprint and something else that shows our bond, but I just haven't had the money to do it, so I will!

20. Actually, Experience a Sunset. I have never watched a sunset, sad I know! 

21. Stop Living for Social Media. Whilst I don't think I do so much now as I did in my early twenties, I think I could still drop it down.. Social Media is bad.. we live in a world where we have to tag, post and be on top of everything/ everyone all the time. I just don't get it, I don't particularly care what you have been up to all day or whether your child has gone to have their jabs. Unless I know you closely and ask.. I don't need a status update.. 

22. Indulge in your Guilty Pleasure. Don't appologise, just doit.. whether it be chick-flicks or snoozing for an afternoon, then binging on snacks. 

23. Learn more DIY Skills. 

24. Pick up an old Hobby. I would love to start sketching properly again. Like I did back at school.

25. Write a Letter to Me in X Years time. 

26. Be in More Photos! I take a lot of photos, however, I am not in many of them these days... so I vouch to try and be in more with the people I love. Here's to making more memories and capturing it!

27. Hopefully Still be Reigning Champion at Air Hockey! We shall find out tonight!!! I have never been beaten by my friends or family, though now I have a new group and another champion to face we shall see who comes on top!

28. Be more at Peace with Myself. After this Year, with my confession of suicidal thoughts and depression etc. I want to try to move on and focus more on the positives, be more at peace with myself and where I have come. 

29. Make a list of 40 before 40!

30. Fall In Love.. This could be a major fail but it had to go on, I mean as someone that has had a disaster and I mean we are talking full on bomb war zone type history. I think I deserve an epic type of love!

Let's see how many I can cross off before I actually turn the big 30!!!! 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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