Tuesday, 11 December 2018

We Are A Generation of Wet Wipes!

I am sorry to say it and sorry if I offend you, but you have the choice to stop reading now, but we have become a generation of snowflakes & wet wipes! Seriously, when did we have to coddle every single thing we say, hear, write, see and do.. let alone pre-existing sayings and so on.

Things are getting out of hand people, on one hand, I understand where some are coming from trying to get across the whole women's equal pay and rights. Yes, that is something that should have been corrected way before 2018! The thing is when you start talking about phasing out phrases such as "bringing home the bacon" and "flogging a dead horse" because vegans are becoming more and more on the rise. Well, that is just plain stupid in my opinion.

If you're going to go down that route of 'cruelty-free verbal language' and be so petty as to say we want vegan free wording, so change it to "bringing home the bagels". Well, I as a COELIAC, do NOT approve, bagels are offensive to me. I mean how do I know these bagels are gluten-free?

Why not change it to something as outrageous as "bringing home the bus fare" ??

Please also explain to me how changing "Be the Guinea Pig" to "Be the test tube" is any less offensive or idiotic? How does that teach children any sense about the world? In a way, you're teaching them more about being a test subject than anything else?? Honestly, some of the swap suggestions are just plain ridiculous and how anyone can be 'offended' is beyond me. I mean "Let the cat out of the bag" is a good one for Vegans isn't it? It's teaching us to let the cats out of the bag and not put them in them?

Don't even get me started on GINGERBREAD MEN! Which are now called Gingerbread Persons, I believe, though I am sure it won't be long before we have some ridiculous phrase such as, Gender Neutral Gingerbread Persons.

In January, the British Medical Association advised members that mothers-to-be should be referred to as ‘pregnant people’ to avoid offence and ‘celebrate diversity’. - This .. I am just dumbfounded.. need I say more!

I completely understand that some people or persons, whatever, don't want to be called or identified as one gender or another. The thing is though, why should we all have to stop saying he or she, them or whatever; it is just getting a little too confusing and just outright ridiculous to say the least. Please don't get me wrong, I am not a biggot or whatever you call people who have hatred for those who are transgender, gay or gender neutral; hell I have stood up against people that have said anything even a little unkind towards them. All I am saying is that if those that want us as he's or she's to stop identifying them like that, then fine, but why should we be subjected to not being allowed to identify as what we want all the same? Do you see why things are getting out of hand here? 

Just let people be who they want to be, identify as who they want to be and leave it at that. Stop trying to tell everyone what to say and what not to say. It's a free world, yes I get there are some things that shouldn't really be said, however, that's never really going to change and the only thing you can change is how you react to it. 

Stop being offended, stop being a wet wipe and just realise that others opinions and views don't always matter. If someone won't call you what you want to identify as then stop speaking to them. They aren't worth your time, but if I want to say "My Gingerbread MAN is bringing home the BACON" I am going to god damn well say it. OKAY!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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