Thursday, 3 January 2019

2018 Lookback .. and Some Resolutions

Looking back this year has been pretty damn good, although I have had some really tough times and trials to overcome. With the help of those close to me, I have truly come a long way, I just hope that 2019 brings me just as many adventures as 2018. 

The start of 2018 kind of carried over from 2017, with my unexplained weight loss still looming over me and making me feel very low. It was the start of everything to come throughout the year. Thankfully, now my weight has stabilised and I am happy with that even though I am still very slim. So long as I don't lose weight without any explanation, I am happy. 

The start wasn't all bad though, I got out of my comfort zone and started to go to meet up groups to meet new people. This is where I actually met a new friend of mine now Marie, we regularly catch up and chat. It's true that if you get up and go out there things will change. 

In March, however, I was finally able to go to the C2C concert!!! I actually went 2 days in a row, lucky me right! Firstly I went with my mum and we made a day trip of it, going to Carnaby St. checking out the Too Faced store etc. unfortunately Spectrum wasn't open then.

The second day was spent with a good friend, Jamie, it's just a shame that we can't go again this year!

Can I just say that our Summer was amazing! it certainly provided many opportunities for myself & Christie to get lots of fashion shots and spend quality time together. 

It was a wedding kind of Year too, first up was an old school friend. Hannah & school sweetheart Peter. Myself and Christie were invited to the Hen party, where we did the Pretty Muddy Race in Norwich and considering I hadn't done too much training I think I did well to keep up with Christie. 

The evening, however, didn't last very long. Let's just say that drinks went around and certain people had a little too much. That's not to say the night wasn't fruitful, I managed to figure out what Christies perfect Hen Night would be.. little did she know though. 

The wedding reception was a lovely evening, plenty of dancing and laughs.   
Come June/July I came clean to my family about my mental health, how close I had come to suicide and the fact that I truly needed help. From there I was able to open up to friends and you guys on here, which in combination with counseling has been very helpful in my recovery. Getting things off my chest, ranting and just generally talking does truly help to make sense of it all. 

Though I have had some ups and downs, I have come out of it all stronger! One amazing adventure I had in 2018 was going to Rome. Seeing one of the most beautiful and historical cities was incredible and going with close family & friends made it all that more special. 

On my return from Rome, I finally did something I had been debating for a while, I got Microbladed!!! I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, not having to fill in your brows every day is amazing. Just having perfect brows from the moment you wake is every girl's dream. 

Myself & Christie were invited along to a few launch parties this year, which has been pretty good for both of our blogs. Being invited to these kinds of events is always a pleasure and does make you feel important. 

Harley has been spoilt rotten this year, with many Agility events and private field trips. 

A big surprise I had the liberty of planning along with some of Christies nearest and dearest, was her Hen Party. She had no idea at all, having it in her head that we were going away for a bloggers event, she was completely in shock all day long. Having already found out some ideas from her about what she would want for a perfect Hen Do, we planned a Wherry boat trip for the day and a slumber party in the evening. 

All with games, cakes, matching tees, and alcho pops. 

November brought me both Harley & Nan's Birthday. Cannot believe my baby girl is 5 now, she is so big, I am almost the same height. To celebrate her birthday, I actually took her to the Brewdog in Norwich for a Pawty and invited along a few friends. She had a great time, those that came along found it funny too. 

For Nan's birthday, we did something a little different and went on a steam train for the day, which also happened to be Harley's first ever time. She was ever so well behaved and loved all the new smells. 

December was truly a blessed month! The start was kicked off with Christie & James's wedding which was the best wedding I have been to, not only because you can see how much they love one another but the announcement of a Baby Williamson just topped it all off. There aren't many people that you can say are 100% made for each other, however, these two are and I can say that with all of my heart. 

I finally got to go see doggy Santa again! Having missed it in the last few years, I was pleased that I was able to take Harley this year. 

My 29th was a pretty special day & night, spending the day at a spa with my Mum just relaxing enjoying treatments and afternoon tea. Followed by bowling and drinks in the evening with my close friends and brother, although I did lose my reign as air hockey champion to James, it was a great night. 

Seeing in 2018, with my Nan was pretty special too. brushing up on some line dancing and just having a little giggle was exactly what I needed. 

I couldn't have asked for better memories than these, making new friends too such as Marie, however, this year for 2019 I plan on doing more!

I want to travel more with Harley and be adventurous. Take her to new places, go hiking, see the UK's landscapes. So hopefully come March time (when I have enough money/ everything bought) I plan on taking her to a different place for a weekend every month maybe once or twice, going further afield each time.  

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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