Tuesday, 15 January 2019

One Midi Skirt - Two Looks

After recently watching a couple of episodes of Tidy Up with Marie Kondo and discovering the KonMarie Method, I have since decided to start decluttering my house. Starting with my wardrobe, which has lead to creating outfit's much like those you see in capsule wardrobes. Pieces that can be put together and used again and again to create new looks with simple changes. 

I love simple tees, but those with subtle detailing are great too, I have no idea what brand this tee is as I bought it back in the US a couple of years ago and it was just in one of those off-brand shops with cute boho style items. I was going through a massive purple and elephants phase, however, it has been a timeless piece that seems to go with just about anything I style it with. 

This star print midi-skirt was a must purchase for me, I actually bought it on a whim thinking that it wouldn't suit me at all. Yet when it came and I put it on, I instantly fell in love and if you love a piece of clothing that much, then you know you're going to wear it. Sure I personally cannot wear flats in this skirt due to my short arse status, but who cares, it's not like I can walk the dog in it anyway so heels it is!

As for the Katie Loxton bag, well I have been admiring it online for quite some time now. Thanks to my brother I finally own it, and it just creates a whole unique vibe around this style. Making even the casual look seem upmarket, plus it is big enough to fit everything you could ever need in, trust me on that. 

It is amazing what you find when you start to declutter your house, I had actually forgotten I even owned wedge shoes like these and from the looks of them, I had never even worn them!! I actually have no idea why, they are comfy, look great and are super versatile. 

Changing up the look to a more professional style with this vintage swing wrap top was an easy choice for me. The colour, detail, and shape of the top work brilliantly together and compliment the midi-skirt. 

Are you going to give capsule wardrobes a try or tidy up your home using the KonMarie Method? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Skirt: Asos
Shirt: Miss Guided
Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Katie Loxton 

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