Tuesday, 22 January 2019

What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday 2018

Better late than never I always say! Plus given that some of my gifts were late as my parents spent Christmas away, I think it's only fair that I am given some slack here. That being said it is fair to say that I have been well and truly spoilt, as always this is in no way a bragging post or sponsored, just a here's what I got and maybe it will spark some ideas for future gifts. 

Without a doubt I had to get my hands on the Huda Nude Palette, thankfully I had been gifted it for my Birthday and it is everything I hoped it would be. The colours are just incredible and the blendability is out of this world! (Yes I made a word up, sue me.) A couple of other goodies I received unexpectedly were a very pretty lotus flower pandora pendant, a new shade of too faced peach blush, yankee candles, beautiful book and last but not least a gorgeous pen. Which I must add is a biro in black! The book came with a little note too, stating that it is perfect for flat lays and has some great tips within too, that it is and that it does!

One last item peeking in the corner is a tray, which I did actually hint at, something I have been looking for and wanted for flat lays.

I was in absolute shock and awe when I opened these wonderful gifts of Harley up, firstly when and where did they have to time to take the photos. I must admit my first thought was, how did someone take my dog without me noticing.. but all is well as it was only my family, but still the thought does cross your mind. 

Seeing as I had dabbled in creating a book folding of my own recently for my Mum's wedding Anniversary, I never expected to receive such a thoughtful gift representing Harley. These are certainly timeless gifts that anyone would appreciate be it for animal lovers, or family members

I am sad to say that one of my blogger secret Santa gifts have either not been sent or still has not arrived.. that being said I did actually figure out that one of them was Kat from and she sent me these lovely gluten-free brownies. I have to say they went down a treat!

I also got some more make-up goodies, from younique, that I am yet to try/ review - Blogger Problems. Plus the limited edition Peach Tinsel set, which I have to say smells amazing and has a beautiful subtle sheen. 

My final lot of goodies are these Too Faced melted matte lippies, the Sweet Smell of Christmas set & a spare Gingerbread Man. Owh, not forgetting the gingerbread matchmakers and one other pandora charm below. My Unicorn charm, that has got to be one of my favorites now. 

Whilst I have been spoilt rotten and have not included every single item, I am as always very grateful. Hopefully this will help others find gifts for their friends & family, however, please remember that there are those that have nothing. So when you are sifting through gifts and unwanted items etc. please remember to donate.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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