Friday, 22 February 2019

A Controversial View - Do We All Believe in God....

Just as a disclaimer I am an Atheist, so by definition does not believe in god. I in no way disrespect those that do believe or their faith, and hope that they, in turn, do not take offense to my views or opinions. This is just something that came to mind that is all. 

So I was watching The Last Kingdom the other night, which by the way if you haven't seen it, you need to start watching it, it is a great series and like my brother said actually rivals Game of Thrones! That being said it features Christians and Pagans, so whilst they were chatting about God I had a little revolution. You will soon realise that my mind works in a weird way and I am a bit strange anyway so here goes...

"God works in the strangest of ways known only to himself"

So their train of thought and conversation was aimed towards the fact that God had led a certain warrior to the aid of a king, however, that warrior did not believe and argued the fact that his gods sent him that way. Something along those lines anyway.

It got me thinking that what if, what we all believe in is actually one being or one entity. All constructed to make us believe that we all believe in separate things or in some cases do not believe, however, in actual fact this entity is behind it all and playing puppet master.

For example whilst I do not believe in a god as such I do think there is some being of some sort out their, something that allows us to cross over. Not to heaven or hell, but to someplace that is like an afterlife, hence how we have ghosts and stuff. Imagine for a second that this being is the same as the Christian god and no god and aliens and Buddha etc. That they are all one being, that has allowed us to create separate religions over time, just as evolution has allowed us to grow and we as humans are fighting over which religion is right when in actual fact they all could be one.

That's not to say that what people believe to be true isn't, but what if it is all a setup? What if we could all put our differences aside and agree that we all do actually have the same calling? It would certainly make the world a nicer place if nothing else.

I am not saying that we should scrap all beliefs, because again I believe in free will and all that, just that it could be possible that this all mighty being is just one actual being. What do you think? 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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