Friday, 15 February 2019

Happy Pets Norwich - Harley's Third Week

So Harley's third week was rather exciting for her to say the least! First of all not only were the hamsters still on show, but low and behold, Rabbits had appeared now too! One of her favorite past times I might add, so keeping her attention became somewhat of a challenge. 

Whilst it may appear as though I have her full attention here, do not be fooled! She is keeping her eyes well and truly glued to the rabbit, who is at this moment in time out on full view, I am sure it was out to tease her. Needless to say, Harley did tremendously well, despite the distraction and stayed with me the whole time.

Some of the class was working over what we had learned in previous weeks, heel walking with turns, spins on the spot and midway between the walk. As you can tell Harley gets rather excited whenever things start to go a little fast, and I am not quite sure why she always looks like a demon dog. When in reality she resembles Tigger, constantly bouncing around as if she has a spring loose somewhere. 

Despite that, since the first class she has become less boisterous and in turn, watches me more closely than she ever has before. We have now managed to get our heelwork to be almost perfect, rather than her sitting a mile away.

These may look like a complete disaster, Harley running between my legs with me falling face forward. Be assured though, this is a completely controlled situation, that looks like complete carnage! Problems of having short legs and a big dog, with the weave and touch training we have done. Attila moved the class onto weaving between our legs. 

This is something I had taught Harley a while ago, however, so she was pretty enthusiastic and quick to the mark. Now we just need to make it look a little neater....

The end of the class focused on agility introduction training, which for Harley gets her pretty amped up. I have found it to be very good for teaching her to wait extra lengths of time before being called over the jump, whilst the other dogs are getting on with their exercises. She has certainly calmed down in that department, though I do wonder whether she would be as chilled out during a proper agility class. 

At the end of the class, Attila set up a mini-course, with a very basic seesaw. It was really quite funny watching Harley's reaction as the younger dogs tried to venture across it, scared to go over. You could almost imagine what she was thinking "that is nothing, just go over it. I have to go on ones 100X that size!"...

When it came to her turn, god did she make a show of herself, though I shouldn't have been surprised, it's her all over! Arguing with me about the weaves, then soaring over the seesaw, just to double back and leap onto it because she could smell the residue of patte left from the previous dog's bribes. Where she continued to jump on it, Attila had to hold it steady for fear of it caving in on itself! 

Once she was happy there was no more food to be had, she continued the course, racing through the tunnel only to find it concertinaed on itself on her way through. Did that stop her from wanting another go.. Nope! Other than barking and needing to calm down, she was alot more controllable than she has ever been. 

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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