Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Let's Talk Prom Dresses*

As someone that has always wanted to go to prom, but never has, I know bohoo for me. I have always had a bit of a fascination with prom dresses and the whole atmosphere that goes along with it. I guess it also has something to do with being part Yank as well, being in the UK prom isn't really a big thing and if your school does it great.. if they don't well tough luck.

Mine did, however, I wasn't quite popular enough to be 'allowed' to go.. I upset the wrong people I guess. Story of my life. That didn't stop me thinking about the whole thing, about what dress I would wear, the make-up and shoes! I mean I still do.. so where do you look to find a prom dress to suit you?

In all honesty these days you can find them just about anywhere, at high street stores, online, but I have to say the best place and always will be wedding dress/ bridal shops. Somewhere that will actually help you pick out the right style and fit for you, make it fit you perfectly and even unique to you.

Though that being said, I do think that the days of Proms are dying out, but the want for Prom dresses aren't. The style is never ending, blending in with bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns alike. 

The only place I have ever been able to wear a prom dress is at weddings, so checking out the wedding photos have always been the highlight afterward for me. Seeing all the glitz and glam, everyone dressed up to the nine, checking to see if anyone turned up in white. Owh the taboo!

For me though, dressing up and feeling like a princess for a night is pretty special, even if I do sound a little cheesy and yes I have gone stag to every wedding I have gone to so far, I still manage to pick myself up and forget about that. At the end of the day, Cinderella didn't go to the ball with No Man and she didn't leave with one either!

Who says Prom dresses have to be for Prom anyway.. I made up for my Prom let down and wore a proper typical prom style dress to for my 18th Birthday, and again on my 21st and I will also add I still fit in it today!!! At 29!! Pretty good going if you ask me..

My 18th
My 21st - Yes I know the pixie cut.. lets not talk about that, please.

I guess as always it takes me waffling to get to my point, but here it is. Prom Dresses don't need to be exclusive to Prom, they can be for whatever you want. Heck if you wana go out looking like you are on your way to a ball, just because.. well who's stopping you? The fashion these days is crazy so why not, however, that's not quite my thing and I will stick to specific occasions.

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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