Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Random Facts

Who doesn't love reading random things about random people? I know I like learning weird and wonderful things, plus getting personal with your readers is one sure way to keep them around is it not... hopefully anyway. I have previously done 25 Random Facts about Me back in 2016, so thought it was about time I did an updated version!

What would I do if I could?
I used to want to be a vet when I was a little girl, however, an incident with a hamster led to alot of blood... cut the story short well I was nearly sick with the sight of blood and that cut that dream short. Funny thing is now that I have Harley, dealing with her cuts, blood everywhere, sick, poo you name it I am not phased in the slightest so if I had kept to my vet dream I think I would have been pretty damn good at it.

That being said now with my Degree and love of Maths.. I know GEEEEEK!!! I wouldn't mind being a teacher for highschool kids. I have been told by several of my close friends though, that I would be pretty scary. 

First Car
My first car was a little Nissan Micra.. I loved that little car. Penny was her name; you know Penny.. Penny.. Penny.. (Big Bang Theory). Now my cars called Stuart.. bet you can't guess why!

The most unusual item in my office?
A picture of Stuart the Minion... not a picture of a loved one or Harley nope... Stuart. Why.. because he is the best! (Guess that gives you a clue to one of the above).

What's my guilty pleasure?
Hmmm without going down the dirty naughty root, eating a roll of ready roll icing...

How did people describe me at highschool?
Loud, Bubbly, Hyper. A nutcase... The one that had all those fights with she who shall not be named.. I am well known for the historic fight by the girls changing rooms - head smashed into wall.. that's how you're supposed to fight right??

Who's my bestie and why?
Easy, Christie!

She is just the best, when you read about how friends are like diamonds, bright beautiful, valuable and always in style; well I can honestly say without a doubt that because of her I laugh a million times harder, cry so much less and smile a hella lot more than when she is around. The years we have spent together making memories and becoming dare I say it sisters will always be one of the best decisions of my life.

(True friends groom you like a monkey and pick sunburnt peeling head flakes from your hair!)

I couldn't have ever asked for a more loyal and true friend than Christie, my O'G!!! Now can we go get some flip-flops and have a nice little breakfast feast, with smoked salmon omelette on the side?????

What time period would I love to live in? 
Hmm I suppose though I am an independent woman and the time period I would have loved to live in wouldn't really have been the best in that sense.. well they did have a better sense of style and to be honest I do think from speaking to the oldies and my Nan that the men back then were a lot more stable and just generally gentlemanly! Yes I know that's not a word.. but I am using it!

So I would have loved to have lived in the 1940's ... I mean I would have rocked those Tea dress, Swing skirts and just all round tight waisted ensambles. Not to mention the hairstyles.

Favourite Stone?
Amethyst.. I have never really been a typical ooo diamonds kind of girl.. I just love the beauty and pretty colour of the Amethyst stone. Plus certain cuts can be cross between my two favourite colours, pink and purple. 

Name three random Facts...

1. I tried my first tiramisu last year in Rome!!! 

2. I'm not ticklish at all.

3. I lost my last baby tooth at about 12/13.. it was right at the front too at the top. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 21 March 2019

Feeling Nostalgic - USA 2016

Yeah, I know this is seriously late!!! I have a major habit of leaving the best things till last and not wanting to acknowledge that they are actually over, though to be fair going back and seeing the family again and all that will never be truly over. So it's not all that bad .. Please don't be shocked at my appearance either, I had put on quite a bit of weight for some unknown reason, however, I am now back to my healthy normal weight. 

I always love visiting my family and this time around I finally got to see where my Dad lived. I was traveling with my brother, Adam, and we started off our journey driving to Heathrow. We stayed at a gorgeous Hotel which our Mum and Step-dad kindly paid for. We had quite a laugh driving down and I managed to do a few Vlogs throughout our Vacay, which you can check out over on my Youtube channel. 

Adam hadn't actually seen our Dad in well over 12 years or any of our other family since he was a baby! So this trip was pretty big for him and very overwhelming for me to have finally gotten him on board. Unfortunately for me, a week prior to this trip I had been in a car accident, so I was in a bit of pain and on strong pain meds the whole time.

After an emotional initial meet and a good nights sleep, we decided to head into Charleston and do a little shopping and sightseeing. I managed to spend nearly $400.00 in Pandora, in standard Kim Style I also managed to leave my card there too. So we had to go back the next day.. naughty me.. 

We spent a few days at Dads and then we camped out at Wilmington, North Carolina. I wanted to see the filming locations of One Tree Hill, so on the second day we had a nice day out seeing all the sights, I had previously mapped out. If you want to read a full post on this day and download the map I created myself, you can here.

The majority of our family live in Indianapolis, so the plan was to drive up from Charleston and make a few stops on the way, to Chimney Rock and The Land of Waterfalls.

Chimney Rock was featured in the film The Last of the Mohicans, which Dad had on hand to show us which shots we were going to see prior to going. The film itself, well I don't actually remember much and didn't watch it all was kind of slow, however, it didn't appear to be my kind of film... so don't take my word for it. 

Adam being the crazy adrenaline freak he is, took some convincing not to go free style rock climbing any chance he could. Not that it stopped him getting as close to the edge as possible. 

Once we finally arrived in Indianapolis I was feeling a little better, so we did manage to go to one theme park ,however, I only went on rides that strapped me in and that didn't throw you around a bunch. Having been there 4 years ago I had already been on everything, so it wasn't too disheartening. I was sad that I couldn't go on the catapult with Dad again though. Jacob & Rebekah didn't really like the rides and neither did Aunt Mo, so it ended up being me, Dad, Adam, and Joshua for the duration of the day. We went on the Diamondback about 4 times to get the perfect photo, until we were happy with this one so we all chipped in. It was only once we saw it properly that I noticed I was practically flashing everyone!!!!

As always I miss them all dearly, but my heart lies with Harley and I therefore have to always go back to her.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 18 March 2019

The Benefits to a One Night Stand*

So Just One Night Stands aren't really my thing and if I am being completely 100% honest I have never ever had one, so I will be speaking from experiences I have heard through friends. I guess I am old fashioned in that way because when someone says one-night stand to me, I just think that's not how it should be. Don't get me wrong I am all for everybody being happy and doing as they please, so don't think I am of the opinion that just because you have a one nighter you are a slut, just it's not me. 

Anyway, onto the actual post subject hey, what are the benefits of having a random one-night stand in birmingham for instance, because well why not birmingham or some other weird and wonderful place. For those that have made a silly mistake and genuinely thought they have met a great person who they are totally attracted too, only to wake and find they have been blinded by beer goggles all night. Well the one-night stand is a great clause to get out of there sharpish. Sure that's pretty harsh, but hey we are a pretty primitive species at the end of the day.

On the other-hand one-night stands can on occasion turn into something much more, that random one nighter could turn out to be a great series of hook ups or the love of your life. You just never know, when you least expect it or when you are just not looking for it. You could be out one night, end up banging that random chick, then pow your life changes in an instant.  

It can be great for getting over someone, as they say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else... with there being no strings attached and no emotions swapped, what is there to lose? Just be sure that you are ready to separate emotions, because the last thing you want is tpo try and get down and start blubbering about your ex. 

There is also the confidence booster factor.. for those that are not that confident in bed, getting out there and having sex with a complete stranger whom you will never see again, will only make you better. Well in theory, because practice is supposed to make it perfect.. Even if you don't have self esteem issues, having someone find you attractive and well want to have sex with you, is great for your self esteem. 

I do think it is important to remember though, that you are sleeping with a complete stranger someone that doesn't know you, doesn't know what you like, what makes you tick. So whist it may satisfy your basic needs it won't satisfy you to the full extent that a loving sensual partner can. There's only so long you can carry on a one-night stand relationship.... Plus sex should mean more than a random encounter with a stranger, it's a connection between two people. 

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Antique Elegance Mothers Day Bouquet from Haute*

Mothers Day is always a time to celebrate with your loved ones, whether you're near or far. Whilst you can gift them just about anything in this day and age, with it becoming one of the big superficial marketing schemes, it's fairly easy to pick up a generic gift from just about any price range. A bouquet of flowers is a classic and everlasting choice, and on the plus side, they can be sent from pretty much anywhere these days.

These Haute Antique Elegance Bouquet Mothers Day Flowers are pure luxury and in all honesty are well worth the price tag, starting from £45.00. The collaboration of pint and dusky purple, together with the green varying textures made this the perfect bouquet for my Mum. Her love of roses and lilies just like me made it all that more satisfying presenting her with the perfect arrangement.   

This bouquet features Pink Bouvarias, Antique Carnations, Memory Lane Roses, Avalanche Roses, and Calla Lillies; together with White Veronica and Eucalyptus. The quality of all the flowers was incredible and I was surprised at the size of the bouquet too, not that I am complaining. 

They arrived in a nice sturdy box, allowing them to be kept upright, and packaged in a lovely black bag and tissue paper. Which also featured a bag of water to keep the flowers hydrated, obviously, on their way to you and back to wherever they need to go from there. I have to say I am a little sad I gave these beautiful flowers away, however, they were from the Mothers Day range.. so I kind of had too and well it made the Mother happy. Haute does offer UK next day delivery if you order by 10pm, which is pretty damn good for those of us who forget those special occasions. 

* I received these flowers from Huate Florist for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 11 March 2019

Mothers Day is for Dog Mums Too!!!! - Friendship Collars*

With Mothers Day just around the corner, a lot of us are trying to think about how best to show our mum's we love them and appreciate all that they have done for us. Yet too often and always in my case.. Dog Mums and Fur Mums are forgotten, I know it's a tragedy! How can we be forgotten, after all our furbabies may not be the physical reproduction from our wombs but they sure as hell mean just as much as if they were our babies! I challenge anyone that tells us differently! 

So on that note, don't forget about those around you who have furbabies, acknowledge them this Mothers Day. Show them the love they deserve and do it for the pups who cannot. Friendship collars are a great way to show how much you care, not only are they great quality collars for cats and dogs alike, but they come with matching bracelets for their Mum's too. 

You can get 15% off using the code romanovs off any purchase as many times as you like! Just head over to Friendship Collar to check out the range now. 

* This is an affliate post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 8 March 2019

Moi-Même Winter 2019 Thrive Box

I know I am super super late with this review, and that doesn't mean that I didn't like anything from the Thrive Box. I loved everything from Moi-Même as always, I have just been slack! The Thrive box was as always jam-packed with high-end goodies, with the idea to boost you out of the winter blues and get you prepared for the year ahead. 

One sneak peek item we all knew was coming, was something from Kate Spade! Who doesn't want to add her to their collection of trinkets, when I discovered it was a beautiful Lunch Tote valued at £28, well I was pretty damned pleased. I mean, I was in need of a new lunch bag, but never want to spend any money on those sorts of items. So to have a decent Lunch bag finally is something of a treat for me. 

With most subscription boxes, when you receive jewelry it's usually cheap and nasty, made of materials that are likely going to set off my nickel allergy. This Rachel Jackson Game Face Necklace is sterling silver, so there are no worries for me! Retailing at £40 it may seem a little pricey, however, after wearing my Rebel Face necklace for some time now I can safely say how robust the delicate design is. 

Since my gluten-free skincare journey, receiving any such items in these boxes is always a pleasure. The NAKIN Performance Face Serum, R.R.P £25, is completely gluten-free, cruelty-free and made of 98% natural ingredients. I have been using this serum every night since opening this box and have had no problems whatsoever with breakouts or dryness. It has helped to settle any small spots I have had come up because we all get a few every now and again, and really does make my skin feel refreshed by morning. 

I am going, to be honest, I have not had the chance to try out the Phase Zero Blusher - Cotton Candy. One main reason is the fact that I cannot find any information on whether it is gluten-free or not. So all I am going to say is, yes it's a pretty colour and I suppose it is reasonably priced at £7.50, but that's a fairly standard price for a drugstore brand in my eyes. 

Finally the best item by far, which I have yet to start.. naughty me! Your Dream Life Starts Here, by Kristina Karlsson a.k.a Kikki K Founder. This book can be accompanied by Dream Life Journal, which has more space for you to fill in and complete each of the exercises set out after each chapter. 

Kristina guides you with small steps and asks you to start by listing 101 dreams for your life, never worrying about the reality of them, following through the book she pushes you to find which ones matter the most to you. By the end, you will have cut that list down to just 3 dreams to focus on, with specific ways to help make them happen.  

My Verdict

Overall I am pretty happy with the contents of this months box, Moi-Même has focused on what matters to us most and stuck to their theme which is something I find some subscription services struggle with. The quality of the majority of items is very well thought out and carefully selected, in order for each one to be delivered with care. You have once again got my vote Moi-Même for the best service around!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Getting Creative*

If you haven't already noticed, I have started to get a little more creative with my photos, creating mood boards and just trying to make the theme of my posts pop. I initially started to just use a free grid app and split my images up on my Instagram account, but let's face it after a while that just looks the same and boring. 

When you really get into blogging and taking your own flatlay/ fashion photos you start to understand the importance of editing them yourself. The lighting, the effect and filter's you want for your theme etc. So I decided to take the plunge and opted for the basic Adobe Photoshop CC package, and I have never looked back since! 

Using brush strokes, simple images and even erase tools, you can create just about anything. For newbies and those that aren't all that confident with the tools at hand, you can buy certain elements, such as the quirky quotation above, Instagram templates or simple brush strokes. Just look for svg files for sale, png files, or browse through etsy stores and alike. 

You can even start to create your own elements much like the X below, simply using different brush styles and colours. Then save it as a png/ jpeg file and away you go. 
Mixing elements, quotations, your photos and more together is the best way forward. Yet I know that having that blank screen staring at you and not knowing what to do with it all or where to start can be daunting, I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, it is such a great tool for sharing your creations and finding new content to mix up your ideas. Sometimes looking at other creations can make you realise that what you have created is just pure crap, much like one of my first creations below.

There is just far too much going on, nothing really goes together, the images are blurred and to be quite frank it looks like a child put it together. I cannot even believe I am sharing this with you now! 

Once I sat back and thought about it I was able to create something much more sophisticated, one that really showed my blog style and hinted at my monthly lookback. 

If you have a theme, stick with it and make it clear with your images. Try to keep everything consistent, you don't want it to become too congested and all meld into one. 

Once you get into the swing of things, you can become pretty confident with your work. For example, I am pretty damn proud of the vogue mode image below! All sass gives off the girl boss vibes I wanted it too and portrays a level of organisation with it too. 

Have you got any tips or creations you would like to share? I would love to see/ hear them!

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Happy Pets Norwich - Harley's Fourth & Fifth Week

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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