Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Random Facts

Who doesn't love reading random things about random people? I know I like learning weird and wonderful things, plus getting personal with your readers is one sure way to keep them around is it not... hopefully anyway. I have previously done 25 Random Facts about Me back in 2016, so thought it was about time I did an updated version!

What would I do if I could?
I used to want to be a vet when I was a little girl, however, an incident with a hamster led to alot of blood... cut the story short well I was nearly sick with the sight of blood and that cut that dream short. Funny thing is now that I have Harley, dealing with her cuts, blood everywhere, sick, poo you name it I am not phased in the slightest so if I had kept to my vet dream I think I would have been pretty damn good at it.

That being said now with my Degree and love of Maths.. I know GEEEEEK!!! I wouldn't mind being a teacher for highschool kids. I have been told by several of my close friends though, that I would be pretty scary. 

First Car
My first car was a little Nissan Micra.. I loved that little car. Penny was her name; you know Penny.. Penny.. Penny.. (Big Bang Theory). Now my cars called Stuart.. bet you can't guess why!

The most unusual item in my office?
A picture of Stuart the Minion... not a picture of a loved one or Harley nope... Stuart. Why.. because he is the best! (Guess that gives you a clue to one of the above).

What's my guilty pleasure?
Hmmm without going down the dirty naughty root, eating a roll of ready roll icing...

How did people describe me at highschool?
Loud, Bubbly, Hyper. A nutcase... The one that had all those fights with she who shall not be named.. I am well known for the historic fight by the girls changing rooms - head smashed into wall.. that's how you're supposed to fight right??

Who's my bestie and why?
Easy, Christie!

She is just the best, when you read about how friends are like diamonds, bright beautiful, valuable and always in style; well I can honestly say without a doubt that because of her I laugh a million times harder, cry so much less and smile a hella lot more than when she is around. The years we have spent together making memories and becoming dare I say it sisters will always be one of the best decisions of my life.

(True friends groom you like a monkey and pick sunburnt peeling head flakes from your hair!)

I couldn't have ever asked for a more loyal and true friend than Christie, my O'G!!! Now can we go get some flip-flops and have a nice little breakfast feast, with smoked salmon omelette on the side?????

What time period would I love to live in? 
Hmm I suppose though I am an independent woman and the time period I would have loved to live in wouldn't really have been the best in that sense.. well they did have a better sense of style and to be honest I do think from speaking to the oldies and my Nan that the men back then were a lot more stable and just generally gentlemanly! Yes I know that's not a word.. but I am using it!

So I would have loved to have lived in the 1940's ... I mean I would have rocked those Tea dress, Swing skirts and just all round tight waisted ensambles. Not to mention the hairstyles.

Favourite Stone?
Amethyst.. I have never really been a typical ooo diamonds kind of girl.. I just love the beauty and pretty colour of the Amethyst stone. Plus certain cuts can be cross between my two favourite colours, pink and purple. 

Name three random Facts...

1. I tried my first tiramisu last year in Rome!!! 

2. I'm not ticklish at all.

3. I lost my last baby tooth at about 12/13.. it was right at the front too at the top. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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