Friday, 26 April 2019

Hitting a Blogging Slump..

Every Blogger goes through a stage of writer's block and just a general slump.... having not written in nearly a month!!! I can certainly say I have hit that point and know that I have hit it in my work life too, however, now I am on the right track to sorting that out and getting things back on the road to fulfilment I can start to free up some head space for writing again. Well that's the plan anyway.

It's all well and good saying you will go ahead and write, getting back to the keyboard and hovering your fingers over the keys. The thing is it's not so easy to actually come up with anything to say.. or anything worthwhile to say that people actually want to read about. that will keep you lot engaged.

I can't talk about my career at present due to conflict and well I don't want to risk anything at this present moment in time, so you will just have to wait for that, but I can say I am sick and tired of the Industry as a whole. The male dominated aspect and the general mindset that has been ingrained into their heads will not change for many more years, it's sad and very backwards in this day and age, but it's true.

I suppose part of the reason I have been in a slump is because I can't talk about why I am in a slump, why I am in a bad place. I like to be open and talk about my mental health journey, get it off my chest and help others who may be in similar situation, so they can see there is a way forward. The thing is when there are legislations and acts that force us to be quite these days it can be very difficult to know where to draw the line.

Onto kind of happier things, I have managed to keep my Squish around now for 2 months.. somehow he hasn't gotten sick of my mental outbursts or weird ways.. After discussions with my family we even remembered something big in our family! The number 23!! Our first date was on the 23rd.. and for my Grandad the number 23 always came up in big events.. honestly and it has even followed down to his children and apparently to me now..

For example he was born on the 23rd, died on the 23rd, was married on the 23rd.. my Step-Dad was born on the 23rd.. I got a call for an interview for my apprenticeship (which landed me my current career) the day my Grandad died! It's freaky.. I am not stuperstitious (yes I know it's spelt wrong), but I do believe in coincidence and fate.

It's great to have such a supportive group of people around me, even being able to call on my code word for when I am really low and having my Mum pull through for me was excellent. I only wish that everyone within that group would recognise that it's not all about taking, sometimes giving and listening are a two way street. Especially given the hand I have been dealt, I know my worth.

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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