Tuesday, 9 April 2019

March 2019 Lookback

Honestly I do not even remember much of March, to be honest it kind of molded into one. I guess that's part of the problem after being single for so long, once you get into a relationship and spend every weekend with that person it all just kind of blends. That's not to say that's a bad thing at all, after all if time flies and you just feel like it's all just flowing then you must be having fun. 

Life in General
Well I guess I have pretty much summarised my love life, I am super happy, I don't want to babble on and on or jinx anything. I just wish that other parts of my life weren't so screwed up! 

I have started to realise that the career path I have taken is not the pone for me, great work at almost 30 hey! But then again it's not that late to start again.. Being in the construction industry is very difficult for women and I don't say this light heartedly or on a wim, believe me I have been in it for well over 12 years now! That is scary in itself just saying that number, god 12 years, over a decade! So I can tell you whilst some things may have improved and by that I mean you may not get wolf whistled on site, and you may be offered the same job as a man who is equally qualified. It in no way means that you will be treated with any more respect or decency. 

I have been to about 4-5 firms now and every time it is the same thing over and over again. No matter your title, no matter your qualification or years of experience, unless you have that one piece of equipment that you will never have - A DICK! - well I am sorry but it will not get better for us. Not in the next 50 years or so at least! I have great admiration for the women that campaign and want to make progress, but to be quite frank I am tired and drained, I am done. My daily intake of abuse and being slowly worn down has come to it's limit and I need to make a change. Hence, coming to the decision to branch out, and look to teach. 

Harley finally finished her Foundation Agility Course, with flying colours I might add! She has come such a long way since first starting with Attila and honestly I couldn't have imagined being able to do a full course without her either stopping to nip me or just bark at me. Yet now we can do the full course without her needing to stop and tell me off, so I guess in reality, I have made the most
improvement :P. 

The Blog
March has been pretty good for Romanovs Views though, getting to work with the likes of Haute Flowers and managing to land quite a few paid posts. Not to mention the fact that my DA has actually reached 20+ whaaaaat!!! I am pretty happy about that, yes I know it's small potatoes for some but for small time bloggers like me, well I am pretty darn pleased. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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