Monday, 20 May 2019

Blink | Communication in the Workplace*

Communication is key to every aspect of life, these days we forget that fact. You would think with the vast ways to communicate via, text, email, phone and even good old fashioned letters that we would find the time to actually get across what we want to say and mean. Yet too often we find ourselves getting frustrated with the lack of connection between people we have to deal with on a daily basis, simply because we can't muster the strength to find common ground. 

I used to have a work colleague that I had perfect communication skills with, we had the perfect balance of fun and professional banter as it were. Sharing our love of Marvel/ DC comics and incorporating that into our daily conversations, made our workload that much easier to deal with. 

Of course, having code names for one another and certain other people; is something that you can only do with like-minded people, however, I found it to be a much more relaxed environment to work in. Even when there was a deadline with little time to get the work done, we still managed to have a good laugh whilst achieving the clients' needs. 

We used to email one another with instructions from Jarvis (Iron-Man's AI), who would then go on to say how well his master was and whether I was doing well, me being Romanov (Black Widow). Hence, where Romanovs Views came from! IT was also pretty good for discussing unpleasant things where inevitably you have colleagues you do not necessarily get on with, so creating these code names allowed us to confidentially talk about our struggles in a confidential manner without hurting anyone's feelings or our own for that matter. 

New Employee Apps like Blink, that allow colleagues to connect in a light and fun manner; whilst also being involved in the organisations structure, fosters a friendlier environment which in turn brings productivity to the company as a whole. After all, happy employees = happy life = more willing to do better and more at work for the company. 

A bad leader can take good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to jump ship, thus leaving the remainder to lose all motivation. A little communication can go such a long way, no matter how busy you are - say it. If you are upset or unsure - express it and ask. Running late.. let people know. Good communication is the most important aspect in life, it guides us to a more educated and thoughtful place. We are all different and come to conclusions from different angles, although we generally all want the same outcome and goals. We often forget that its the conversation that gets us there. 

* This is a brand collaboration. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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