Sunday, 22 September 2019

Make An Image Your Own*

Since getting a little more creative with my images, I have realized that there are a lot of different styles out there; which means you have to up your game due to the ongoing competition. Being able to put together a decent layout or a well set up exterior backdrop etc, does just not cut it anymore.  Hence, creating your own individual brand is especially important for standing out on the big wide web. 

For me adding personal touches to your own imagery, which compliment the photo itself can help to really make your photo and brand pop, not to mention give you a look which is all your own. There are many ways to add those touches, from simple brush strokes, that can be pre-made and loaded in or drawn by yourself, to a logo font. With thousands of fonts to choose from, there are endless possibilities. With the image above, I used a font called Ancient and Hey Betty, script fonts and slightly messy looking fonts are my go-to. These two fonts ticked both of those boxes all in one, Ancient in particular was one that really spoke to me. Being one that looked more like a true hand-written font is something we all need in our lives, more reality. 

Again having used the classic Gossip Girl XOXO over and over again on many of my images, thus creating an ongoing theme. I wanted to change it up from my go-to pre-loaded XOXO below, by using the Hey Betty font and create a new XOXO. This then gave me a chance to make another creative image that not only fitted in with my style but had a look that was all it's own. 

Having the major variety of options we do these days, there really is no reason why you cannot find at least two fonts that do not call out to you and speak to you! With those in hand and the way we view the world now, opening the way for more promiscuous speech, well let's just there's just about anything you can say on your own imagery.  

Another way to individualise you images is to add other creative elements, I like to use elements such as small flowers, lips, random shapes and outline elements such as the one below. 

Adding in elements such as this, add layers to your image which can help to focus the eye on areas that are of most importance. Along with these, I add in additional images that follow the story I am trying to tell with my image and either layer them in or create a grid kind of layout. With these adding in block colours in solid shapes can help to create a very clean image. 

Doing these simple steps may take some time, may mean some playing around to get it just right, but you do go from a simple photo to a perfectly personalized creative image.

* This is a sponsored post. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

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