Saturday, 26 October 2019

Dating in Real Life*

So let's be honest, with so many chick flick movies and fluffy TV-shows these days it's no wonder we live in a world of false ideals. One where we have this notion of a perfect first date, meeting under the stars or some bull cacky. Followed by a whirlwind of sparkling emotions, hand in hand strolling down the beach with the sunset in the distance. The night ending with a mind-blowing all-knowing kiss, that will ultimately lead your sealed fate of a long-lasting easy peasy, never to waver relationship.

Do you see that massive bubble? I am going to pop it now.... That is NOT how life or really strong relationships work! You may be one of the lucky ones, who get to experience what is for them "the perfect date", which may possibly be followed after meeting from some dating sites such as Belfast Dating Site, but you are truly kidding yourself if you think things will be completely and utterly butterly smooth sailing from there. That is unless you live in dreamland with rose-tinted glasses, which you never remove.

In real life dating and relationships are hard work, especially the ones that are special, being with someone you actually want to be with means that you will both have to work hard to keep your relationship and make it stronger. Have you ever heard the saying - Anything worth having, Never comes easy. Once those rose-tinted glasses slip, the highlight reel is worn out, you start to see the little things that niggle you. Some more serious issues may arise, which again could prove easier to ignore or walk away from - when it comes to it though, talking things through and finding common ground with a shared agenda will always last.

I am not saying that two completely incompatible people should keep trying to be together regardless, because, well that would just be ridiculous! What I am saying is that, if you truly know that you fit, that when push comes to shove and you have to make the choice to leave or stay. You are pulled back to stay, not out of fear or worry of what would happen if you left; but because you honestly couldn't see yourself without them. With this person and you know you make each other better people, then you should try to work through whatever.

Hard work does seem like, well HARD WORK - to state the obvious; but there are benefits and massive perks to it all. TRUST ME. Working through all these challenges and obstacles together, as a team, as opposed to fighting separate battles. Which on serves to push you apart, if one of you "wins" you both lose... So becoming a team allows you to find a balance you ever knew you had, open your eyes to each other's flaws and imperfections with compassion, not judgment.  It makes you realize whether this is what you really want if this person is worth your effort. Then well it is pretty darn incredible. 

Just remember that as relationships develop and you both grow, so will the way you have to deal with situations, thus the work will never completely end. 

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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