Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Dating Locally*

With the mass of nationwide dating sites, it is easier than ever to get yourself out there. The appeal to go as far as possible can be very strong, however, I guess you have to way the pros and cons of that actual situation. Especially with the whole catfish scenarios, talking to someone who is miles away with little chance of meeting often or at all - well is it really worth it. It would be a real shame to grow a connection with a virtual person, over a period of time to have the rug pulled right out from under you and find out they are nothing like what they described/ portrayed. 

For me when I started dating again I looked very close to home and stayed within my home town, which for some may be the best option. Whilst it may work for some to try and stay closer to home, what worked best for me was to look a little further away but still within driving distance, looking for a site such as Suffolk Dating Site, is perfect.

Personally, having lived in my hometown for the majority of my life the pool never really changed to be perfectly honest, I found the same old characters/ types of guys and I really needed to find someone out of my comfort zone. Away from the same group's people that all seem to know one another, somehow every guy I dated or started to talk too, knew someone in my life or from my past. Whilst that may be appealing to some, I needed a clean break, a fresh start that had no connection to anyone at all.

That's where sites such as Date in Suffolk can come in handy, sure they may be local to where you are but for someone else they may be just outside of their local, giving them and you the chance to find some new, free from local dramas and having a brand new outlook on life.  

It's all very well being able to have dates via. skype or facetime, but can you actually sit in silence together and be happy? Are you comfortable in their space? Having once been in a long-distance relationship, where I spent a year talking via skype to finally meet and find that there wasn't actually a proper connection physically.. well you can see how that could be pretty disappointing. 

The advantages of going more local, far out way just seeing what you can get from wherever it will come, that is if you are after a more serious relationship. Dating is difficult at the best of times, meeting someone you actually click with is such a rare thing these days and being able to regularly meet up to keep the connection strong is just as important as being able to be without each other. 

I love the fact that you get to explore each other's local area, showing each either around and giving the personal tour. The one that only you know about, the secret spots that you enjoy, you grew up going too; these are the types of things that can really get you talking and find out those little things about one another. 

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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