Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Loving Your Home During the Lockdown*

Looking back to the beginning of the lockdown, compared to now, I have to say that I do have a greater appreciation for my immediate surroundings. Where you would normally not take much notice of the small details in your kitchen, such as having a utensil pot or how brilliantly white your bathroom is after you have given it a good clean; now I relish in it.

I know, I am sad, only just over 30 and enjoying the joys of a clean and tidy home. Since discovering my love for a clean home again and jumping on the Mrs Hinch bandwagon I have found that it does really help with anxiety and relieving stress. Re-directing those feelings into getting something spotless is so much better than dwelling on it. Being in an organized and clean home is so much better for your mental health, it generally keeps you happy with your surroundings and helps you get up and go. 

That being said, where I am currently moving in with my partner and we have little to no storage solutions - such as drawers and shelves. We are living in a fairly disorganized state, which again in a small space has inevitably caused some friction. 

Normally I would love to go and buy some furniture, after into storage solutions, but currently in this lockdown situation that is not always possible. It's the little things that make a house a home, such as a bedside table to allow one person to sit up and read by the lamp. This situation has prompted me to find ways to create storage, look for options that would be beneficial to both of us. 

Thankfully, I found some box shelves which allowed for a simple, yet versatile look in the room. Coupled with storage boxes and brand new duvet covers, it made the bedroom more homely. These simple shelves also added a little extra space, to get free from the clutter, which in turn helps to ease some of that tension. 

Simple solutions generally are the best, if I was able too, I would certainly tackle the curtains which are currently up. At present-giving off a care home vibe, especially within the new office area, I would opt for something a little more modern. 

My best home improvement inspirations come from research, blog posts, and mostly Pinterest. That's how I discovered vacuum bags, which are weirdly satisfying to use. Filling the bag and watching it shrink down to beyond 60% of its original size is amazing. You then find you have a lot more space for the items you use every day, without having to sift through winter clothes in winter or having nowhere to put the dogs Christmas jumpers. 

Many people keep to the home improvements within the home itself. Forgetting about the exterior, giving your front door a new lick of paint or replacement sash windows will almost certainly make your house look completely different. Although such a major change isn't always required, it may be a change of pace. 

How has the lockdown affected your relationship with your home? 

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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