Friday, 8 May 2020

Relationships During Covid-19*

Who the hell knew this pandemic would get this bad, ha ha, well I guess the smart ones, the ones that stockpiled loo roll. Joking aside, here in the UK where we have been told to stay at home and given restrictions in our movements; which has obviously forced a lot of couples, families, and housemates to spend an inordinate amount of time together. Something we have never had to do before.

This in itself is daunting, with completely natural concerns on whether you can actually stand to be around these people 24/7? With the restrictions, I am sure everyone was thinking the same thing.. what on earth are we going to do with all this time????

Initially, I was worried, having lived on my own for so long and being stuck in my ways.. were we actually going to survive the time together? We had never officially lived together and spent half of our relationship apart I choose to take it as a kind of blessing. Not only to finally get lost time together but to see whether we could actually live together. Us both being homebodies, I cannot say that much has really changed, but what I can say is I have honestly enjoyed this time.

Whilst there are some couples out there like us, who have found a new appreciation for one another, there are obviously still a lot of singles, ones that were ready to meet people before all this lockdown happened. Maybe some people had arranged to meet or were contemplating it until the news struck that we weren't to go out unless it was for specific reasons. This lockdown will have inevitably caused some tension, where we as humans beings are not able to get the physical contact that we generally need.

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The issue we have is not being able to go and physically meet anyone until the tests have reached us all and we know for certain we are all safe from contracting or passing on the virus. I do hope that individuals are respecting the guidelines and try their best to stop the spread as much as possible. Now more than ever we have started to realize the capabilities of technology, which allows us to see those we can't currently get close to.

I know my brother has not let this pandemic get in the way of his love life, whilst he has not met his date in person as of yet, he has made sure to speak to her, using facetime and other social platforms. In all honesty, this will set most relationships up for the better, communication is key and once you have that down you can pretty much overcome anything.

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Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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